Does anyone have one of these? I bought one from eBay and long time ago and never used it because I can't figure it out. I've tried contacting Digital Sound and Lighting a while ago about getting some info on it and they seemed like they didn't want to help because I didn't purchase the item from them.

This is what their website states about the product:

"The PRC-8D is a programmable, automation controller that features (3) separate trigger inputs and (8) digital outputs. Each digital (On/Off)output controls it’s own 10 Amps @ 120VAC relay. The show material is downloaded using “Basic Programming” and is transferred by the included RS-232 cable, onto an on-board memory chip. Multiple shows can be activated at different times using different trigger inputs. This board is perfect for anyone wanting digital control over lights, pneumatics, audio repeaters and 120VAC devices. Each relay contact is isolated to prevent voltage mixing. Full room control is a breeze! A complete programming package comes with every board and includes the following: Basic Software (3.5” floppy), Simple Command text lines and an RS-232 cable. "

I didn't get any software with this item. Can anyone help? Anyone interested in purchasing it?