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Thread: Tv ads for your haunt???

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  1. Default Tv ads for your haunt??? 
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    Jun 2009
    i have been think of doing one and i have seen some that is cool. But here is the thing i don't know who to ask and also how much they cost to get one on TV.

    I have been thinking about getting one made for my haunt so that way i know what to be lookng for..

    I don't mind if it's just a small little ad but i want it to look good. I want it to be able to get the peoples eye on it.

    the thing i am asking is how much do you guys spend on tv ads???



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    Apr 2009
    Near Charlotte NC
    The guys at El Swarro do a bang-up job for a good price.


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    Nightgore Guest
    Here's is our custom spot that Elswarro produced for us:

    We LOVE IT!!! It's gotten us a TON of great response, they did a reallly great job and I HIGHLY would suggest using them if you plan on having ads created.

    Now if your wondering about the ads being shown on TV rather than the production; that totally depends on a few things... number one thing that will drive cost up is PLACEMENT!! For example, it's cheaper to run an ad during "Late Night with Jimmy Fallon" than it is during "America's Got Talent".

    Try to get an anchor from the news (hopefully the 6'o'clock news) LIVE at your haunt for a story. Maybe get in an interview in their studios on the noon show... or get that quirky early morning news anchor that goes out to places in town to add you to his schedule... be ready to get up EARLY for this, but it'll be well worth it!

    What we did is paid for a set number of runs, not really picking when our ad is ran. Obviously we got alot of runs during ALL the news segments, they put some in primetime and more in late nights. Also, ask for FREE OVERNIGHTS... and get as many as you can!

    Don't forget that alot of TV stations also have a great website that gets ALOT of local traffic/hits per month... look into adding advertising on their sites as part of your TV deal! Ask that they do a "sponsor trade"... this may be part of your TV campaign that's TOTALLY FREE!!!!


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