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Thread: what do you do in between scares??

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    Quote Originally Posted by Madhaus32 View Post
    Last year I was in a room where I could walk intoa hidden passage and listen to the groups go through two rooms before mine. I would listen totry and discern if there was one "scaredy cat" of the group and try to pick up a name. If I heard something like "Oh Sally, stop crying! We're almost through it. " then I would guarantee that Sally would have a hell of a time inmy room! Heh heh heh.

    Two years ago I was alone in a room at the beginning of the haunt and didn't have any warning when people would enter. I just killed time by getting into arguements with the corpse props. It actually made some people laugh when they came in unexpectedly.

    XD Yes, at our haunt the people that talk to them at the door, you know, tell them the rules and stuff, they try to get the names. Once they get the names they pass it all the way down to end, and when the group comes through and we know a name we freak them out by saying their name. XD It's entertaining to hear "OMFG! How do you know my name?"

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    Jun 2011
    Auburndale, FL
    laughing or draining the sweat out of my cfx mask. You could bake a potato in those things here in florida.

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    straitjackie Guest
    Unless I still have a chance to milk something out of a group, (banging on walls, utilizing workers trap doors, etc), if its a good night I sing horrendously and maniacally. There have been times other actors and I have had full blown hours of in-character diologue on the top of our lungs when groups are not present. This energy expidenture is perhaps why I experience bad nights, when I lie flat on the floor and glare at coworkers in between groups haha.

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    Sep 2011
    I try to think of new ideas of coming out to scare guest. Ohh yeah i forgot, WATER BREAK!!! LOL

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    Sep 2011
    Cash, Texas
    I share an area with two others and sometimes they "fight" then randomly start dancing. And I try and make sure the two with masks on drink water. But dancing helps us keep our energy up and stay pumped

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    Dec 2006
    Once I'm in character, I stay there--I only come out of it on the break deck...and even then, not all the way. So, between groups, I lurk, I twitch, I fondle the corpses and whisper sweet nothings into their decayed ears in the hopes that the next group will give me something.....fresher to play with.

    This works well when alone, but it plays havoc with actors in or near my scenes. Not a lot of talking about how that last scare went, or what to do next.

    My daughter also acts(and is now doing some makeup work) and she caught this from me. Once, one of the people who works the security cameras was talking about how she shes my daughter, on screen, between groups, standing in some unnatural pose, twitching slightly every now and then. She said,'Every now and then, when I'm watching, it feels like she's seen me and it creeps me out so much I have to get up and stop looking at her.'

    And this is really cool because she wears a Silent Hill nurse outfit--she has no eyes.

    Scares are everywhere, just because the groups' gone doesn't mean there's some blood you can't chill.

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