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Last year I was in a room where I could walk intoa hidden passage and listen to the groups go through two rooms before mine. I would listen totry and discern if there was one "scaredy cat" of the group and try to pick up a name. If I heard something like "Oh Sally, stop crying! We're almost through it. " then I would guarantee that Sally would have a hell of a time inmy room! Heh heh heh.

Two years ago I was alone in a room at the beginning of the haunt and didn't have any warning when people would enter. I just killed time by getting into arguements with the corpse props. It actually made some people laugh when they came in unexpectedly.

XD Yes, at our haunt the people that talk to them at the door, you know, tell them the rules and stuff, they try to get the names. Once they get the names they pass it all the way down to end, and when the group comes through and we know a name we freak them out by saying their name. XD It's entertaining to hear "OMFG! How do you know my name?"