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Thread: 2009 Haunt

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  1. Default 2009 Haunt 
    KING'S KRYPT Guest
    Hi, I'm new here and just wanted to introduce myself and plans for 09. First off my name is Casey(KC) and I've been doing a simple yard haunt for a couple years, but this year I'm looking to take it to a new level with a backyard walk through.
    THE KRYPT. This is just a sketch of my entrance and my Google Sketchup
    .The name is pretty lame, but its all I could think of so I'm open to suggestions. Check out my little blog/site for 2008 pics...I drew the site logo myself so its pretty bad . Right now I'm building panels and testing out paint schemes/distressing. Here's my first attempt:

    I'm using a sponge and squeezing the paint from the top of the panel then I go over the streaks with a damp sponge. Any distressing help would be greatly appreciated. As far as the walk through goes we'll have a electric chair/lab room, bathroom, bodybag hallway, and a butcher shop/kitchen. I'm also thinking about doing a small Haunted Overload type cornmaze at the end of the haunt with various scarecrows, but I'm not sure if anyone would be willing to give us cornstalks or hay.We have liitle to no farms around and they charge way to much, I'll try to hook something up.This week I'm going to pick up a ton of butcher equipment : meat hooks, signs, knives etc. from a relative who was a butcher back in the day so I'll try to post some pics.

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    Hey, nice to see another home haunter on the forum. Just curious what's the size of your structure because I was trying to figure out how you were going to fit all the scenes into the haunt from looking at your layout. For our cornstalk scene this year we are getting cornstalks from a good friend of ours who is growing some in their yard. You might be able to cut a deal with a local farm (if there is one) on their cornstalks if you're buying a good amount. For distressing your walls you could try putting your base coat on and then dry brushing another color on over it to give it a worn look. But it really depends on what look you are going for. I'm not sure if The Krypt name really works with what is actually in your haunt. If I get any ideas though I'll post them.


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    Buffalo, New York, United States
    Yeah, that is a really good idea, try to build a corn maze queline. If you can't get the cornstalks I understand but, I will post my build progress when the time comes and you will be able to see how I make my corn maze. I would also say that your lab must GLOW! Use flourescent materials everywhere! Make sure your guests can't see the electric chair before it goes off! Have your kitchen exit through a fridge. Cover the facade with multiple layers of first gauze then, burlap and then, jute and LIGHT IT UP! If you can get any of these I really recommend you buy some: http://www.lightformproductions.com/store.html
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    Looks good so far. Why not King's Krypt? I'm assuming King is your last name or the name of your street. If so, it's perfect. Although going with more of a crypt theme throughout would probably be more memorable to your TOTers.

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