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Thread: Most Embarrassing moment!!!...

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    May 2009
    Branson, Missouri
    One of the funniest things I witnessed happened to our chainsaw guy. We had a fire spitter outside the haunt, near the exit. Well I guess the lamp oil she used was all over the pavement. The chainsaw guy came running out top speed after a group of freaked out customers. His feet hit the lamp oil soaked pavement and he went sliding right by the customers! Fortunately all that got hurt was his pride.

    Needless to say, we moved the fire spitter away from the exit after that and soaked the ground in kitty litter.

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    It was the last night that I was working at the haunted house, and I was working at a different location. I heard noises and popped out of my door to see if the person working near me was alright, so I popped out and said "Is everything okay?" And when I popped out and said that there was a group of kids right there in front of me and they answered in a shaky voice "Yes everything is fine." I scared them again in a bit but it was quite embarrasing for them to see me right then instead of when I was trying to scare them!


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    Sep 2013
    Orlando, Florida, United States
    Hey all, new to the forum

    Spent 4 years at Universal Orlando's Horror Nights...

    the one that sticks out in my mind....I was in the Frankenstein house a few years back. I had 2 scare opportunities in my spot: a very narrow hallway into the crowd and a jail cell with an FX cue. I would normally work the narrow hallway, since it couldn't be seen until you were right next to it. Well, I'm a large guy (6'7" and very stocky) so I couldn't fully fit through the hallway, so I had to go in sideways and work like that. One time, I misjudged and I stepped back too far, and ended up falling backwards, though with how wide the hallway was, I fell very slowly. I had to slowly wriggle out once I hit the ground. I was laughing the whole time hoping nobody saw!
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    Sep 2013
    St. Paul, MN
    Alright, I guess I should post mine like everyone else :P

    It was my second season, and I had a fun room that was like a mad scientists experimentation room. The customers would walk around the room in a U shape around a padded table. It was about 4.5 feet tall and looked like a massage or physical chair. It was positionable and very fun to play with.I would hide around the corner and then, as they got to the right spot, I would run out, leap onto the table and start my act and dialogue, forcing them to walk narrowly around me.

    A couple entered the room and I seized my timing window. I jumped onto the table, and just so happened to overshoot my trajectory. Being a 270 pound dude, I had a bit of trouble recovering from it and toppled over the other side of the table, and almost taking out the poor female with me. I kept it in character and continued going, working it in to my act of course. Needless to say I was covered in bruises and gashed my head open on something.

    I kept doing it after that. Just a lot more carefully!

    I think the gentleman with the woman was very aware that what had happened was completely a mistake and he thought it was hilarious.
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