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Thread: Most Embarrassing moment!!!...

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  1. Default Almost quit I was so imbarrased 
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    May 2009
    HauntYourHouse.net/House of Shadows/Sparta Wisconsin
    Ok Ive just got one time I can recall that imbarassed the crap out of me. My first year working in a haunt ever was in 2001 or 2. My neighbor asked me to help him build a room. Im pretty good with construction so I thought it might be kind of fun to help build. We were building a shrinking room.

    After spending the whole summer building the shrink room and this forrest area just before it, eventually Oct. rolls around and my neighbor asks me to help out durning the season. I was very much reluctant to say yes to that. Ive never really considered myself an actor by any means. I was all about the building!! Not so much playing a character though.

    Well he bugged me about it like nonstop. So I said OK but I'll just run the moving wall of the shrink room. Stay hidden all night, ya know. So my neighbor is working at the other end of the room getting all these great scares and Im back there laughing my ass off, realizing that I got to get in on this scare stuff some how.

    So towards the end of my first night I finally decide to peak out of my little cubby hole behind the wall and TRY to scare this group of girls I here walking right buy me. I peak my head out, Im in costum, I let out this......stupid.......pathetic.....groul.... One of the girls turn around, and grouls right back at me........WHAT THE %*%*. Didnt come out of my hole the rest the night... All depressed and stuff..HA My buddy thought it was funny as hell though, and he let me know it, I assure you.

    Next night was a complete turn around. I jumped in right away. Had great scares. The two of us were kind of able to feed off eachother. Made for one of the funnest nights in the haunt Ive had yet.

    Guess sometimes you got to hit that rock bottom before you can get better. Hope you all get a laugh at my expense!! HA

    Kelly Anderson
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