Hello All,

What was the best scare you had? The one you still think about and it makes you chuckle?

My “Best” was about 10 years ago or so working at the “The Asylum Experience” in Berwyn IL (Great Haunt).

The patrons would walk into Frankenstein’s lab onto the vibrating walkway and wait to watch this scene. At the end of the walk way was a gate. Then at the end of the scene I would open the gate and bring the patrons to the next room. Not a big scare part but needed to be done to control the flow.

Well…. One time a group was walking onto the walkway and stopped at the gate to watch the scene. I decided to hide behind the corner so no one could see me. As the scene started the patrons were mesmerized and had no clue I was sneaking up to them. I opened the gate and was right in their face. The end hit where the floor would vibrate and some props would go off and the people thought that was it. They turned and I was standing right in their face.. the first girl jump so high…out of one of her shoes (that’s the truth) and almost knocked down half the group.

This story still makes me chuckle every time I think about that girls face.

Hope it helped your day!

Peter T