There were 8 people from downtown Chicago (all physically larger than average people), the male to female ratio was about the same, standing in my kitchen, lights on, very well lit home made mouse climbed up the wall.
They all screamed and ran the opposite direction toward the door they had walked into the room from ....I should have been dressed in a black and white striped shirt and had a chrome whistle between my lips because they were piled up, body parts all tangled together infront of the door they were headed for as such speed.
There must have been a fumble because nobody had the football!

Later as they walked into my little maze ,which was built to resemble voting booths, vote for "Tweedle-Dee" or "Tweedle-Dummer"? Identicle canidates likenesses, each a maniac holding a butcher knife to someone's throat.. I had a friend wearing a child's vampire cape (pretty funny on a person of 300 pounds) with a silly elongated pumpkin mask. One look and these same big people were crawling away as fast as they could from such a terror!

I had a mailing address for this group so I sent them a postcard asking for comments or suggestions?
Their response was "It was fun, scary, ..but it could have been scarier!"
I guess they were looking for shitty pants and heart attacks!
(They had left the house prematurely too.)