This guy has been coming to see my house since 1987. He is a fun,funny drunk, who tonight I pointed out as really just being a robotic manniquin with a laugh-track installed. Everyone else in the room had a good laugh at this because the drunk guy never stops smiling and laughing at all, well hardly ever.
Earlier before the other 9 people showed up for their reservation I was alone with just the drunk and his woman friend.
I told them we had a very unusual situation tonight, our old hound dog bitch is in heat and needs some of that special if anyone would like to help her out , just give me some sign so I know, get up. walk toward me?
Of course then I pushed a button and made them both move to my desire! hahahaah!
Later on infront of mixed company of strangers I would be found whispering side comments to him about local dogs, ex cetra that he may find interesting, which got a laugh from him and his woman and a sense of mystery from the other people.
When I overheard him saying that my Dragon Shower bathtub used to be upstairs, I knew that he had been here a Long time ago. (An ex of mine didn't like it.)