I was wondering this.
I have a very long, involved story I try to tell involving this house and it's haunted history.
I know certain audiences don't have the time nor the patience to sit there and hear it, so I try to cut it short for them.
It's all "experimental".
I tell it differently for different audiences. I use attempted humor usually. I can tell it with more or less detail and theatrics. I try to keep it interesting for me , first and foremost. If I am bored, can I expect the customer not to be?
Ad-libbing ads to the fun, usually.
I don't bother telling any thing about this house that is fiction. I exercise my creativeness in the way I tell the story and with the ocassional outbursts of totally idiotic comments, which everyone in the room knows are just that and nothing more.
I also will tell the history straight for those few who ask for it, usually during the winter and when the group is small and all share this intrest.
I consciously made the decisions years ago to make my house experience as "Jim-Peculair" as my abilities would allow to further foster the uniqueness thereby helping keep people stimulated enough to come here or to return for more of the same.
As most of you reading this know, telling a story, acting does take time in direct opposition to through-put (as spelled with dollar sign$)
"It's All Experimental"