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Thread: idea's needed

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  1. Default idea's needed 
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    Oct 2008
    hey guys,
    i got down with my layout on graph paper today and i need help with how to build a few rooms and what i should put in them. the one room is 9 feet wide by 23 feet long i was thinking about doing a maze. i got the maze all draw out with 3 feet walk ways to fell like its a tight space. but i dont know what to put in it i dont want it to be just a dark maze. also i have a 7 by 11 foot room that is right before my chop shop that i dont know what to do with.

    and what is the best way to do a kids room i was thinking have clowns in it to cuz i have a lot of clown props that i could put in the room.

    any help will be great thanks a lot and hope to read your guys great advice soon.

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    Sep 2008
    Ya, I got done with putting my haunt down on graph paper also. Since your maze is only 3 ft wide walkways there isn't much of props or anything that you can put in it. But maybe you could decorate the walls to make them look like different things and have actors stand against the walls with costumes that look like the walls so they can camouflage themselves in and you could give them some sort of noise maker to use. Things you could put on the walls might be camo netting and vines, maybe even some burlap/erosion cloth (cheaper). As for the kids seen maybe a bed and dresser (normal stuff) then at lots of creepy dolls and stuff. Check thrift stores they will usually have stuff like that. Then have clown actors and stuff, if you have too many clown props it will feel more like a fun house rather then a kids bedroom where maybe the clown are the kids nightmares.

    Hope this helps


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    Oct 2008
    jake. wow im lost for words. thanks a lot. yeah i built a clown with a knife so it will be next to the dead kid making it look like he killed him.
    thanks so much

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    Mar 2006
    Buffalo, New York, United States
    Go to Spencer's Gifts and buy a Laser One or even better yet a sound activated Fireball Laser and make a long foggy hallway.
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    Oct 2008
    laser one? what is that?

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    Aug 2006
    do you have live actors?im not into the clown thing at my haunt but i would try and theme a room around them if i were to.for instance you said you have a tent.paint the tent to look like a circus tent.blow up and print some poster size pics of bearded fat ladys and chit.somewhere yrs ago on this fourm someone said they have a clown inside blowing up balloons.he lets the balloons inflate untill they pop right next to the group coming through

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