Tonight I was in very good "voice", calmly taking my time as I spoke to four customers telling them the haunted history of this house (Non-fiction) and I wondered how many of you actors ever get to act ?
I believe that speaking conveys more intrest in what may be coming next to the customer than mere grunts, growls or jubberish. (unless accidentally these sounds hook into some subtextual sexual undercurrent?)
Speaking at your own affected rhythm may also subtly inform the guest that you are controlling what is happening around them as far as pace and flow, whether eratic, stuccatto or smooth and playing with these anticipational mental factors can lead to apprehension on their part. right when you have them lead by their intrest is when you can push them off a cliff, mentally dropping them off into humor or fear or even both! Add some unusual words in there or some strange concepts and their attention and potential fear will be close at hand.
Horrific lines delivered at a quiet voice and demeanor can pack more punch as it might come across as more real because you are not shouting with histrionics.
Really successfull mad men get away with their crimes. Whispering your evil intentions doesn't alarm the whole crowd and turning it more personal makes for "scary" for most of us.