It's Austin, and I was supposed to open my haunt again this year, but got an offer to help build another, and i just dont have the money this year.

I'm hoping to go professional next year, but for this year i will be scaring a couple streets below me. I live near famous "thoroughbred street" its a street that does a huge thing for halloween and christmas. VERY nice street, hundreds of houses, and each one does a haunted house.

on halloween night there is close to 5,000 people on the street at once. I walk down it every year after my haunt closes, and see what other people are doing. I noticed that there are always a few kids with cheesy costumes TRYING to scare people. I decided im going to do the same this year, with a couple of my regular actors. Were going to give the people walking the streets a taste of how the "big boys" do it so to speak.

Last year i made my own, but decided to go for a really good setup this year.