Lots Of cardiovascular excercise is what helped me the most in getting my body prepared for the haunted house season.

Yoga Or Streching of the muscles I would think would help too. To get your body Prepared for the halloween season.

Getting Enough sleep a few weeks prior to Haunting couldn't be a bad suggestion because when you sleep your body fixes and repairs muscles and your mind gets a good workout when you go into r.e.m. stage of your sleeping.

Your General Workout is another good suggestion to stay on top of because that keeps your body active and buliding muscle.

During Your Haunting:

Drinking warm tea if your an actor or actress to keep your body warm inside to prevent sickness.

Streching in between groups comming into your haunted house

after your haunting:

Take a warm shower or bath when you get home, not only will this warm up your body, it will relax your body and keep your skin healthy.

once your in your bed all warm and cozy just relax.

What are Certain ways that you keep yourself warm when you haunt?

What are Excercises that are favorite to do?

What is your Windown process when you come home?