Okay Guys I know this sounds strange but can you please help if you know anything bout this!!

I have 2 Fog Machines Fx-8 (Purchased from spencers about a 2 yrs ago) I have decided this year to bring them into a DMX computer control system from my Computer and I am running into problems!

I managed to find the DMX-3F online (No Longer In Production)

And connected it to fog machine (controler Plugs are the same IEC Cord)

When i place a DMX signal to the unit while it is heating up the LED's are on and blinking showing it is getting DMX

Once the unit however is hot everything turns off (all the LED's)

Will this conrol not work with this fogger?

I do plan to try to purchase the F-1700 Fogger now that the HD1000 has been released!

IF you have worked with this DMX device any input would be great! Thanks!!