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Thread: Nightmare on Elm Street 2010 Official Trailer

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    Aug 2003
    Robert Englund is and will always be the ONLY Freddy Krueger. This new one is gonna suck. It happens every time some idiot decides to do a remake, to try and cash in on an old cash cow. They end up ruining it!

    I think it's gonna be especially stupid if they play up the "Politically Correct" angle of the story of F.K. being wrongly accused. What's next? A movie about Jason Voorhees exonerated of all wrong-doing because he wasn't given a ball when he was three??? I've had enough of this PC crap!

    Just my two cents!
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    Pirate Skull Guest
    I saw preview from TV On Demand, and it looks good. I just hope it's better than "Friday The 13th" remake!

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    I can't believe how many people just write these movies off before even seeing them. I would wager at least half go into these movies WANTING to not like them.

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    Feb 2004
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    Yeah, go to it if you are satisfied with remakes. As long as people are willing to shell out $10 to se a remake, the studios have no need to create some new movies!!
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    I did post the new figure on my site yesterday from NECA. If that is any clue as to Freddy's look I am disappointed.



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    Jan 2009
    Dent, Ohio
    Looking a the new look with the doll, I have I hope It don't look like that really.
    He don't look burned he look like a zombie. Jackie could play it OK for this verison,
    If the story is lame, The directing is lame and supporting cast sucks than they would made a big mistake. Freddy VS Jason most of lead supporting cast the kids where bad I think, Kathy Isabelle should have been Lori she would have made the role better I think. Bad Casting,Bad writting and Bad Director is the case for that one and not having Kane Hodder as Jason...dumbass move, But It still made Money because it was Freddy VS Jason. And everyones knows Robert Englund made Freddy an Icon. And that is what to me sold the movies, Tv show,evem Comics. I think Jackie could be a good villian but not Iconic like Robert.

    Just my view on it, I'll still see it with hope. If they fu*k it up well as Derek Mears told RFR If it suck will still have the orignal.

    See ya, BITCH!


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    Quote Originally Posted by Jonathan View Post
    I did post the new figure on my site yesterday from NECA. If that is any clue as to Freddy's look I am disappointed.


    Why are you disappointed? Looks like a real burn victim to me.

    Here's the thing... these movies aren't exactly "remakes" ... they're either "reimaginings" or "reboots" of the series - taking an established character and putting a new twist on him. A remake would be more like the 1998 Psycho, which wasn't well received.

    I don't mind a new direction for the Nightmare series... the franchise had become stale and a cliche of itself.... but people still WANT to see these icon characters in action. I just hope they don't try to mimic the original too much, this is where Rob Zombie's Halloween fell a bit short, in my opinion.

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    Mar 2006
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    Freaky stuff here! Last night I watched this vid for the first time and the only time I paused it was at the date it will be released, and it's no stretch of the imagination to realize what time I found myself doing this...4:30! The added effect of MICHAEL BAY makes it even worse! I thought I was gonna die when I fell asleep!
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    Pirate Skull Guest
    Well, and being a child of the 1980's myself... I'm right here with you in hopes that the new movie will at least be good. Too many remakes aren't even "good!"

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