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Bennett's Curse Haunted Attraction
8024 Max Blobs Park Road
Jessup, Maryland, 20794

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Starting with the horrifically epic House of the Vampyes, you must also survive Zombie Kingdom in 3D and the Sanctuary of Insanity. Bennett’s Curse is an assault to the senses, packing more film quality props, sets, characters, unique theming and an over the top collection of more giant monsters than any other attraction around. The House of the Vampyres takes place inside Castle Bennett, once a stronghold of the noble Bennett clan, which has fallen to the knights of the Vampyric army sent from a ruling underworld king. But a new enemy has surfaced, a force of Demons sent forth from the Infernal Abyss now looking to stake their claim for Castle Bennett, and the world itself. Battling for Humans both sides fight for their most precious resource as one needs blood to survive, the others need souls. Guests will find themselves caught in the middle amidst diabolical instruments of torture, a labyrinth of dungeon cells, and the impressive remains of room after room of a mighty but ruined medieval castle. Zombie Kingdom in 3D is the best 3D attraction ever experienced in Maryland/DC. Now, it’s packed with even more flesh hungry zombies lurking around every corner. Special 3D glasses will bring this attraction to life where you will experience springy bridges, floating walls, and a host of undead zombies immersed in the amazing scenery striking when you least expect them! The Sanctuary of Insanity has been a favorite of guests for years and it’s back again, but this time it’s even more terrifying and disturbing. The Sanctuary of Insanity, the asylum that houses societies most criminally insane patients has experienced a complete collapse. An evil entity has made not only the patients even more disturbed, but the staff as well. Guests will experience pitch black hallways concealing demented patients throughout the halls, and a mind-bending maze of prison cells and pulse-pounding music will take all who enter to the brink of madness! Bennett’s Curse has continued to be th

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