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13th Floor Haunted House Phoenix Logo 13th Floor Haunted House Phoenix
2814 West Bell Road
Phoenix, Arizona, 85053

The world famous 13th Floor is back in Phoenix for the 2016 Halloween Season! Created by nationally recognized and award winning haunted house designers, the 13th Floor will transport you to new levels of horror. Prepare to be terrified by two epic haunted attraction walkthroughs for one all inclusive price: “The Deadhouse” and “The Frenzy.” The 13th Floor is an intense, graphic, theatrical show that will take you on a gut wrenching ride of visceral thrills and psychological horror. Sixty thousand square feet of shocking twists and horrifying turns are waiting for you at 13th Floor Haunted House!
The most demented nightmares of the human psyche become reality when you enter the terrifying world of THE FRENZY. What can only be described as a visceral manifestation of humanity’s most crippling fears, the walls of THE FRENZY will bring to your knees in terror as you encounter ghastly humanoids, deranged clowns and maniacal beasts – each determined to torment your mind and soul. Are you ready to confront your deepest fears in the darkness? Can you awake from the nightmare unscathed? About Us Image 5
About Us Image 6 We all know the story: A contagion awakes the undead, re-animating bodies with terrifying consequences. But nobody was prepared when scientists confirmed that an unusual outbreak of zombies in north Phoenix appeared be more than just the living dead... they were manifestations of childhood nightmares from across the millennia. Evil forces have brought the fears and secrets of our ancestors to life on Bell Road as monsters born from the darkness of our psyches escape from open graves and crawl from breached walls at insane asylums where long forgotten abuses erupt with vengeance. Haunted mansions undulate with our misdoings and dead sailors from centuries ago set sail through the desert to pillage our souls. This zombie outbreak may just take hold of your body, your mind and your soul.

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