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ABOUT "Hustonville Haunted Castle"
NOTICE "Every year in Oct. hundreds of families head out to visit Haunted Houses across Kentucky, Ohio, Tn. and Ind. We in Hustonville would like to Welcome everyone to come visit us at the Hustonville Haunted Castle (Please understand) This is not like a Fun House at your County Fair This is a Professional Haunted Attraction with many realistic and horrifying things inside not to mention it's history. In Fact the Sign at the front door states, There are things inside designed to frighten, scare and even shock you, we have worked hard to achieve this. There may even be things that offend you or that you do not agree with, so please if you are timid, do not have a sense of humor, or just a plain sissy, "Do Not Go Through, this Haunted House And remember if you do go through The Hustonville Haunted Castle you do so at Your Own Risk For there are uneven floors, moving floors, dropping floors, no lights, dim lights, flashing/strobe lights, slides, rides there are parts of The Haunted Castle, that may require you to feel your way around, climb stairs, and go down stairs. So before purchasing a ticket think about what we have said You have been warned so please don't come complaining to us telling us how insulted or offended you are by something you may have seen inside, while visiting The Haunted Castle. We want you to leave here talking about our attraction, Good or Bad you will be talking about The Hustonville Haunted Castle in Hustonville Thank-You ########################## ########################## We at the Haunted Castle work hard through out the year in order too live up to our motto. "YOU CAME FOR A SCARE, WE AIM TO PLEASE" No Refunds Once you enter the gate there is no turning back,because there will be other groups behind you. However if you do decide to go through we firmly believe you will have a memorable event, and isnt that what you came for??
9828 Main St, Hustonville, KY 40437, USA, Hustonville, Kentucky, 40437

Haunted Houses

Suitable for all guests and families (HALLOWEEN FUN)
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See Our Website For Info: - See Our Website For Info:

9828 Main St, Hustonville, KY 40437, USA, Hustonville, Kentucky, 40437
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