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Rise Escape Rooms
Rise Escape Rooms

Rise Escape Rooms – Hammond, Louisiana

By Hauntworld Magazine

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Louisiana's Haunted Houses are some of the scariest and best in America!  Hauntworld.com rates and reviews the best and Scariest haunted houses, haunted attractions, and Halloween events in America!  Rise Escape Rooms are located in Hammond, Louisiana. Please share this page and leave your reviews of one of America's best and scariest Escape Rooms.  When you find yourself in the Louisiana area go to Rise.

To learn more about Louisiana's Rise Escape Rooms visit their websit below:

Some of the things haunters have brought to the escape room industry are detailed sets and tight knit themes. It’s those things along with the integration of technology that stand out most after a visit to RISE Escape Rooms.  Walking into the venue, you’re greeted by the staff, more often than not, the owners, as they begin to gather a bit of intel on new guests.  “Have you played an escape game before?  Where’d you play? Have you played at RISE? How’d you do?”  This information is extremely important to the game master. Gauging your experience lets her know if she should be more helpful during the game or in the case of experienced players, stay out of the way and let them play.  New gamers sometimes need a push or two to get them started and the staff lets them know that they won’t be thrown to the wolves.  It’s important to the owners that every customer gets this personal treatment. “Ultimately, we want every customer to have a fun experience and a great time playing the game whether they win or lose,” says owner Mindi Plaisance. 

Hijacked is recommended for beginning players not because the puzzles are harder but because the linear flow of the game allows new players to catch on quickly. Before the game begins, you are escorted down the hall near the entrance of the game. There, the game master relays the rules which are mostly the same as other escape venues. A few things do stick out however.  For one, audio queues will notify gamers of when a puzzle is solved and when a message from the game master appears on the monitor. “While we have the ability to communicate by voice over the speaker system, we prefer to communicate with the guest by text as not to interrupt the flow of the game,” agree co-owners Shontay and Nevelle Laiche.

Also to note, if the group needs a clue they can initiate the process by pressing clue buttons throughout the game. This button notifies the game master that the group needs assistance, and she can select a predetermined message and send it to the screen. The audio cues and clue system is handled by the proprietary software they designed and is used to run all their games. Nevelle says that video integration was one of many challenges in developing their custom software. “We knew we wanted background audio and timed audio cues. Video was the natural progression, but we had to integrate additional technology into the game which took some time to work out.”

Louisiana's Haunted Houses

Once the rules are concluded, the team is led into a room where a short video is played explaining their mission. When the door opens to Hijacked and the game master leads the players inside, they’re immediately drawn to the realism of the interior of a plane.  “The design of the plane closely follows the measurements of an actual 737 fuselage,” says co-owner Davy Plaisance. After the game master assigns you a seat and asks you to buckle up, she informs you that your first task is to get free of the seatbelts. They will unlatch when the puzzle is solved. As the cabin door closes, the lights go dim. The jet engines begin to roar. “Begin Game” comes over the intercom in the cabin. From this point forward, players are immersed in this realistic environment with one goal in mind, safely land the plane. Keeping with the theme, every puzzle or task is something that would be found on a plane, from hacking into the luggage compartments to breaking codes on bags & purses.

As they progress through the game, the puzzles become more challenging. “It’s important to get the team excited quickly by starting off with a series of quick and easy puzzles. It helps breaks the fear that new players feel and it also gives them momentum and a sense of accomplishment,” says Mindi. Tension builds as communication from Liberty Tower comes over the intercom indicting the fuel levels and time remaining. After successfully getting into the cockpit the game heats up.  With only minutes left, the code is entered, the door opens, and triumphantly the music begins to echo throughout the cabin. Hijacked is their most popular game and when asked how they came up with the ideas for Hijacked, I learned that Davy ironically doesn’t like to fly. “Most of the ideas and planning occurred while Driving Miss Davy to and from haunt conventions,” joked Mindi.

While Hijacked primarily leads its groups along from puzzle to puzzle, The Bookie is more open ended. ‘Little Nicky’ sets the stage in the opening video. They finally hit it big, but the bookie is holding their winnings. They must break into the vault to recover what’s rightfully theirs from the gangster. Concrete walls trap you in this underground scenario, and background audio is a cacophony of mumbling gamblers & slot machines. The team begins the game in a locked entryway. The guard has left his post. Game On! As The Bookie progresses, Little Nicky makes several appearances via security monitors telling players how much time has passed. Again, the puzzles in The Bookie are all gambling related and focus around authentic gambling tables. Still, no knowledge of casino gaming is necessary to complete the tasks. After completing the final riddle and punching in the code, The Bookie concludes with the secret panel sliding open to reveal the exit.

Lastly, there’s Spellbound, typically the favorite room of the three. Not only does the lighting and scene decor set the mood, but the smells of a fresh boggy swamp and chirping crickets subtly invades your senses. For the backstory, witches and vampires have been at war and the mission is to hunt and kill the last vampire before the spell cast on him is undone. As groups progress through this game, verbal spells and enchanted items magically reveal hidden secrets and unlock impenetrable doors. All the while, audio cues let players know when they’ve performed the correct task. “Although it can’t be seen, this 200 year old shack has the most tech of the three games,” says Nevelle. “That’s because the bugs on the software and hardware had been worked out in the other two games, and we had a roadmap in place from a technical standpoint, making Spellbound the easier of the three games to get up and running.”

Haunted Houses

The puzzles and props were the major challenge for Davy and Ricky in Spellbound as they had to match the era and style they had themed. The flow of Spellbound is quite impressive as each room has its own main objective, the puzzles in the room are geared to solve that objective but the direction of every task leads to the ultimate goal of completing the quest. Although Spellbound has the lowest completion percentage of the games at RISE, win or lose, visitors praise the design and immersion of the game. Even if a team loses, more often than not they are very close to completion and often the staff lets the customers complete the final task even after the game clock runs out. That’s typical at Rise. Win or lose, once a game is over, the game master will go over the challenges the players faced and some of the things they could have done to improve their gameplay.  “It’s important to us at RISE to insure everyone had a good time and understand how the game played out,” says Shontay. “We pride ourselves on friendly customer-oriented staff, detailed sets, immersive themes, riveting game flow, and amazing technology. These are the components that make RISE Escape Rooms successful and a great destination for game enthusiasts.”

Other components that the RISE owners firmly agree upon are 3 main rules when designing escape games:

1. They firmly believe players enjoy moving from room to room so their games are all designed with multiple room experiences.

2. No outside information or knowledge should be needed to complete ANY task.

3. To keep all players engaged and enjoying themselves, you must offer a good variety of puzzles as everyone enjoys different types. In fact, they always include both mental and physical puzzles, and often their puzzles require two or more people to complete. Plus, they use objects in creative ways you wouldn’t expect.

So the next time you’re in or near Hammond, Louisiana and looking for a great game with a fun and challenging adventure,
find www.RiseEscapeRooms.com and have yourself a GREAT time.


TO FIND MORE HAUNTED HOUSES IN LOUISIANA CLICK HERE ... https://www.hauntworld.com/louisiana-haunted-houses


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