ABOUT "Wooden Shoe PumpkinFest"
The Annual Fall Pumpkin Fest will celebrate the harvest season with the following activities: Activity tents: Hands-on tents and information exploring some of the different crops that we grow here on the farm: Tulip the Cow – Here is where Tulip spends the night. Help us clean her room. Tulips – Help us plant our tulips Roping station – Neighbor’s cows got out and need to be roped home. Bean activity – Help us can the beans Grass seed table – Till, harvest and load the grass seed for market Corn Box – We grow sweet corn on our farm. Used by the cannery for frozen and canned products. Field corn is usually grown for cattle and oil. Scarecrow- Build a scarecrow and help us keep the starlings out. Wheat grinder – Grind some wheat to make flower. Hazelnut cage – Sweep the nuts from the orchard to get them ready for market Farm animals from our farm. Chickens, ducks, goats, rabbits Duck races Tube slide Paintball gallery BB gun range Pedal Trykes Hay pile/tunnel & slide Mini hay pile Spider web Cow train Horse Swings Scavenger/Chicken hunt Corn maze Hay tractor ride Pumpkin Patch- pumpkins cost extra Archery tag (separate cost) – group activity, up to 12 people per game. $3.00 per person for 8 minutes of play- Archery tag is a group activity that uses foam tipped arrows to either “tag”, hit all opposing players or hit all targets on their target board.* Archery not included in coupon price* Zombie hunt (after 6pm) – Groups will be loaded on the Zombie hunter, and tour the apocalyptic scene where zombies are lurking to shoot at. $10.00 per person including gun, and 30 paintballs, 8-10 minute shooting ride. Additional paint available for purchase. Haunted corn maze: (7pm-9:30pm) Zombie theme, watch that the mad shoe carver doesn't catch you. $7.00 per person Learn more: The Haunting in the Corn Ever wonder what was out in the corn field besides corn? We dare you to find out… The Wooden Shoe Corn Field 33814 S. Meridian Road, Woodburn Friday & Saturday Nights October 11-12, 18-19, 25-26, – 2013 7 pm— 9:30 pm Admission: 5 & up $7.00 We’re waiting…
33814 South Meridian Road, Woodburn, Oregon, 97071

Corn Mazes

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33814 South Meridian Road, Woodburn, Oregon, 97071
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