ABOUT "Bird Cage Theatre Ghost Tour"
It is believed that the twenty six murders that occurred within this particular structure have lead to a wide array of paranormal events. As a result of these unusual events, individuals who work in the structure, and those that visit the structure have deemed it as haunted. In all of the city of Tombstone, it is said that this building is among the most haunted. Many would suspect that the ghosts of those that have been murdered in the building would be vengeful and ominous, but the case is quite the opposite. While initially frightening, many have come to the conclusion that the spirits are actually quite “playful”. It seems that the spirits who have remained in the building after death are only there to have the good time that they originally sought when visiting the building for the last time in their physical bodies. In the year of 1921, the town of Tombstone constructed a school for high school students across the street of where the Bird Cage Theatre is located. By this time, everyone in the community knew and understood that the building was vacant. However, students who would walk past the building on their way to school, as well as after school, started reporting unexplained events to their parents, friends, teachers, and others in the community. They were hearing sounds from within the structure. These sounds were originally thought to be people trespassing and socializing, however, upon investigation, there was no one on the grounds, or in the premises. It is believed that these sounds belonged to the individuals that once met their fate in the early history of the structure. In the year of 1934, the building was reopened by the Hunley family. They turned it into an attraction that would allow tourists to experience the history of the building, as well as the town of Tombstone. This is when the popularity of the theater increased dramatically. Ghost hunters, societies that worked to uncover the mysteries behind paranormal events, and even the media literally swarmed the building at every opportunity in order to catch a glimpse of one of the spirits that were said to haunt the building, or experience some of the unexplained phenomenon that was rumored to occur at the establishment. The owners are very thrilled when someone reports a haunting or event that could be attested to the supernatural. It is said that the most active period for the establishment happens after about nine in the evening, each evening. Employees really have an issue about being left alone when the night hours come into being. While they know that realistically the spirits at the Bird Cage Theatre will not harm them, it is very frightening for them nonetheless.
535 East Allen Street, Tombstone, Arizona, 85638
(520) 457-3421

Ghost Tours

Suitable for all guests and families (HALLOWEEN FUN)
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If you will be in Tombstone, Arizona, you should visit 517 East Allen Street or call the Bird Cage Theatre at 520-451-3421 at ask about their amazing Ghost Tour! You will thoroughly enjoy visiting the haunted Bird Cage Theatre!


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535 East Allen Street, Tombstone, Arizona, 85638
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