ABOUT "The Haunted Frontier Prison"
The current state of this prison is that it is a famous tourist attraction. Due to the history that this structure offers, it is rather appealing to many individuals. This is especially true of those individuals who elect to conduct paranormal research and/or ghost hunting activities. You see, the Frontier Prison is said to be a haunted prison. This draws the attention of those who seek to find life’s answers through the doors of death. This is why many elect to rent space at this prison for Halloween and fall festivities as well as touring for ghosts. The following details some of the haunts that have been associated with the Frontier Prison: 1. Many individuals who serve as employees to this particular museum have stated that they have seen apparitions firsthand in various locations in the structure. It is not known what type of hauntings these are. Some of the witnesses have said that the spirit does not seem to be aware of their presence, which indicates a potential residual haunting. Then, there are reported cases in which the spirit was aware of them and attempted to interact with them. If this is the case, it would indicate that these are intelligent hauntings. Seeing that there seems to be no mischief or major problems, these spirits do not seem to fit the description of a demonic haunting or a poltergeist. 2. Many visitors and employees alike have stated that certain areas of the Frontier Prison seem to be relatively intense emotionally. When they stumble upon these areas, it feels like it was a hostile environment and they experience an immense fear. 3. There are several areas of the Frontier Prison that seem to have a lot of paranormal activity, like sounds and voices – sometimes, even gruesome and terrifying wails. These areas include that of the showers, the area where prisoners were once held, the Chapel, various cells, and death row.
500 West Walnut Street, Rawlins, Wyoming, 82301

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The Wyoming Frontier Prison includes guided tours through the Prison, the Wyoming Peace Officers' Museum, a new exhibit on the current Wyoming State Penitentiary, and our own prison museum. The Old Pen Gift Shop is also on site along with the City of Rawlins walking path that will take you up to the old prison cemetery. Museum: Monday-Sunday 8am-5pm Tours: Monday-Sunday Every hour on the half hour 8:30am-4:30pm The tour schedule is subject to change without notice. Come hang with us For large groups (10 or more) a reservation is required. Please call (307)324-4422, from 9am-5pm (US Mountain Time), Monday-Friday, to make a reservation. We are located at 500 West Walnut in historic Rawlins, Wyoming 82301 Find us on the Map Your pets are always welcome! - If you would like to visit the Frontier Prison to see if you can catch evidence of spirits in this haunted prison, simply contact them directly: Tina Hill, Director 500 W. Walnut St. Rawlins WY 82301 phone: (307) 324-4422 fax: (307) 328-4004 website: www-lib.uwyo.edu/temp/wyshs/mus-oldpen.htm


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500 West Walnut Street, Rawlins, Wyoming, 82301
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