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ACTORS V.S. ANIMATRONICS: The ultimate face off

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    It's really an incomplete question, because it doesn't address the most important aspect: Quality. Go to the conventions and you'll see plenty of expensive animatronics that are lame. Some are good, but many I would not want to use in our haunt, even if they were free. Actors are the same way. Sure, the majority can pull off a decent jump scare, but if you're talking to and interacting with the audience, someone who isn't confident or smooth is more embarrassing than scary. I also see plenty of newcomers who are naturals. Charisma-- they either have it or they don't. So it's not really about budget, it's about talent. The talent of the person who designed and built the animatronic, and the talent of the actors. If I had to chose only one or the other, I prefer quality actors (with good scripts, of course). But animatronics are like special effects in a sci-fi or horror movie. If it's a good story with good actors, good special effects really carry it over the finish line. But fancy special effects alone will not. A few impressive animatronics at the right place in a haunt filled with a talented cast can really add a lot of "wow" factor though!