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  • New Guy

    Hey everyone,

    I started my haunt with my township that I live in 9 years ago. We started out with just a simple hayride through the park. A couple years later was able to use one of the barns on the property to decorate inside. The haunt has grown into something that I now need a bigger property for and now working on that next step. I've been reading a lot info on here that helped me significantly and finally decided to join. I look forward to talking with you all and hopefully learn some good stuff along the way to take my haunt to that "next" level. Thanks for the add!!
    RC haunt designs
    Creator of The Haunted Hollow and Barn at Jim Dietrich Park
    Reading, Pa 19560


    • Hey I知 sorry for not introducing myself when I first joined. It slipped my mind. I知 from Louisiana home of voodoo and good food. Natchitoches Louisiana is my town. We have great haunts in my state. 13th Gate, Rise, Necro-Manor, Leesville Tree Farm (I think the actual name is Tree Farm Masacre) and Dark Woods. I知 NOT a haunt owner and don稚 work at one either. I love haunted houses but hate going through them. I love the science of scares. I love the art too. Huge fan of Staurtizm designs. Huge fan of Tony Buck FX too. I知 doing some haunt props for hobby and fun and a little side cash. I知 thankful to be on here and interact with haunt owners, workers, prop makers and just pure fans like myself. Hope I learn a lot and I値l see y誕ll in the cue line!


      • Dr. Snik's Halloween Chills

        Hi all! I'm Dr. Snik a Halloween/horror music artist and want to to share my original songs/soundscapes with classic 60/70's public domain movies as the videos.
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        • The Bogeyman cometh

          Hi there!
          I'm a new midwesterner and I'm excited to mostly lurk here. I have a goal of opening my own haunted attraction by Oct 2021.
          I've volunteered in a few and loved it. I thought I'd do some research and see just how bad of a plan going into the biz is. Thanks for this awesome forum, hopefully I can add a lot to the discussion.


          • Thanks for approving me! I can't wait to learn from everyone. DH


            • Hi Scareprops here!


              • Hello,I am Robert Travis owner of Scenic Art Productions. I build theatrical props & sets, themed environments, trade show displays and signs. I have not been on here in a long time and have missed it. I used to spend a lot of time on here. I look forward to chatting with you all again and maybe even meeting at Transworld Halloween and Attractions Show this month.



                • Name: James Wakefield
                  Age: 39
                  Where: New Orleans, Louisiana and New York City
                  Haunt/Companies: Wakefield Bros Psycho Circus, 13th Child Productions

                  I own the newly formed Wakefield Bros Psycho Circus and 13th Child Productions both based out of Louisiana and New York City. My haunt which will debut for the 2020 Haunted House season is a one of a kind traveling Haunted House that will feature a total of 5 different themed haunt attractions as well Circus/Carnival games themed for Halloween. The tour will take the haunts to a total of 10 weekends to different cities nationwide. The Psycho Circus is a one of a kind traveling haunt

                  I have been involved with Haunted Houses for almost 25 years having built more than a dozen different haunted houses around the country. I have designed various scenes for different haunts as well as consulting and building entire haunts

                  I'm the Founder/designer of 13th Child Productions as well as the Wakefield Bros Psycho Circus traveling haunted house. We are the only traveling haunted house with a full theme of circuses and clowns. We are " The Scariest Show On Earth"
                  with plans to make it the largest and scariest show on earth.


                  • Hello Hauntworld members!
                    We are a group of Haunt Enthusiasts based in Southwestern Ontario, Canada and are developing a Pro Haunted Attraction in the London, ON area.
                    We are in the development stages and are seeking talented individuals with creative, business, construction or technical skills and experience, and a Strong desire to participate.
                    Looking forward to networking and educating our team through this forum!