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    I figured I would start a thread for anyone to post up pics of projects they are working on throughout the year. If anyone else has anything they are working on feel free to post some pics, I always enjoy seeing what everyone else is up to.

    Here are a few of a project I am working on. There will end up being two of these statues when I am done. The one pictured below is almost done, I just need to do some detailing/distressing. I'm hoping to either finish it up tomorrow night or next weekend. I'll post more when it is finished.

    IMAG0078.jpg IMAG0080.jpg IMAG0083.jpg

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    sweet! i think I'm going to like this topic allot. I myself haven't begun anything just yet..I usually start to get into things mid march. Can't wait to see more and others ideas!

    Btw what materials are you using for this?


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      I ended up using particle board for this. There were two reasons for this, the first being that it is very smooth and the second being that due to the thickness of the board I didn't have to construct an internal frame from 2x3's or anything else. Unfortunately, particle board is no good outdoors. If it gets even a little wet, it's ruined. I built these specifically for an indoor scene and thus don't have to worry about rain, but I won't ever be able to put them in my graveyard in the future because it is outside. If I had it to do over again I would have used a more moisture friendly material.

      For the skull I purchased a skull (4th quality 2 piece i think) from anatomical chart company and cut the back half off. Here are a couple of pictures of this thing before I painted it to give you a better idea.



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        Your project is looking good so far. Can't wait to see the finished pics.

        And I think this thred is a great idea. I will have to get some pics of stuff I am working on and put them up here also.
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          I like your skull cross a great deal. Nice work, Haunt_guy

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            I finished this up right before I went to transworld, and still haven't posted any pics of the finished product, so here are a few of the finished product.


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              This year I will be busy preparing for next year when I take my first stab at doing a home haunt. I have a bunch of ideas that I can't wait to get busy on... my first project will be a set of cemetery entrance pillars. I have already constructed a number of toe pincher coffins, and have a mess of store bought items in the attic and filling up 2 of our 4 bedrooms.

              I will see about getting a picture of the coffin up, and when I start building the cemetery entrance pillars I will post those as well.

              My plan is to have people enter and exit through my large privacy fence gate. I have a plan that will allow those leaving to not see those coming in even though they will be walking right past each other. Once inside I have plans to have a man made tunnel and guide rail lead victims in a giant loop though my large xtra side yard and back out the way they cam in.

              I'm not really set on a theme though and have just decided to make it into a haunted cemetery theme. I settled on the cemetery theme since I have very ambitious plans to eventually in 4-5 years take this thing pro.


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                that looks so awesome


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                  The Wicked West Ghost Town

                  Here is a section of our project for this year. Our Scarecrow is the new animated prop for 2011. It is connected to our interactive pole so people can press a button and make it go crazy wile people are walking by in in our corn walk. The interactive pole has other props that can be activated also. O and we added a maze this year also.

                  front 01.jpg 311766_268099776543680_100000309803417_897458_1797330956_n.jpg
                  The Wicked West Ghost Town


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                    That scarecrow looks awesome!


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                      I agree, that scarecrow looks awesome there!!
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