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  • Speed Pass???

    I've never sold speed passes before so my questions a lot of people pay the extra cash for the speed pass? and if a lot do, what happens when there's a line up for speed pass buyers? does that begin to be a problem? do they complain about having to wait after paying the extra cash?

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    yes, and being as they paid convenience yes they would get annoyed after waiting awhile. Selling by time slot might work better for regular people then there's less waiting crowds on site. Let one regular and then one speed go.


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      Speed passes are a great way to make alittle extra income.


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        Our VIP (Speed Pass) tickets last year were 5.00 more than normal ticket price across the was our first year in that location (and working together) and there were times our wait was more than 1 hour normal line...we sold maybe 20.
        This year we are doing the same thing...but we're in a busier location (a mall)...never know???

        Kirk Boemmel
        Dark Ghost Manor



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          Thank you for your replies


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            Im curious how the que line should be set up for this. Do you tell the patron's just to go around the line, or is it better to have a whole seperate line for this-and if so, do they still have to wait and you take turns with the regular line?) Also, Do you set up a seperate entrance ticket or wristband for this? We will have 3 seperate attractions this year, all with entrances about 30 feet apart so I can see this being a complete nightmare as far as chaos with the crowds and confusion. Whats the best way of going about this Speed Pass deal? Thanks
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              Speed Pass

              We actually werent planning on offering a VIP pass this year but we did and it actually worked. For online sales a lot of people bought the VIP pass before coming to the attraction and sometimes found that there wasn't even a wait. Also, we did get up to a 2 hour wait on the 2 busy Saturdays and we sold a good many and then Halloween weekend people were buying them because "it was cold outside". So, I would definately offer it. How ours and most I have been to worked was to sell a different ticket that says VIP or speedpass etc. and there is a different que line for VIPs. The ticket taker will then take one group from VIP then one from the regular que line, then one from VIP, etc. and alternate. Without 3 seperate VIP lines it could get tricky because some people are going to want to go into A attraction while others are waiting to go into B I would have 6 seperate lines (3 for attractions and 3 for VIP) and your VIP que line can be small because it shouldn't ever get long. Hope that helps.


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                "I've never sold speed passes before so my questions a lot of people pay the extra cash for the speed pass?"
                very roughly 25% sometimes more, sometimes less

                " what happens when there's a line up for speed pass buyers?"
                The longer your regular line the more speed passes you will sell. The way to bill it is to inform the guests that the speeds pass is half the wait. So if you have an hour and a half line then a speed pass will make it 45min and so on.

                "does that begin to be a problem? do they complain about having to wait after paying the extra cash?"
                Not if you inform them correctly.

                Other questions not in the original post should be addressed here
                The speed pass should be at least $10 more than your show ticket- I recommend $15. If no one was buying them at $5 then you were not busy enough to need one in the first place. The price is the way you limit how many people get one. If 50% buy the speed pass then the lines will be the same length so their is no "speed".

                You need two separate lines for the attraction, the main line normally weaves and winds and the speed line goes right to the door or it loops around the weaving line. The entry to each line should be clearly marked "Speed Pass Line" "Regular Line" this eliminates confusion and encourages some people to upgrade. The door person will pull one group from each line alternately. If there are very few in the speed pass line then they can pull two from regular and then one from speed (Remember half the wait, not No wait). If the speed pass line is pretty full then they should pull two from there then one from regular.
                The ticket office should also stop selling speed passes if they reach 45% of the estimated guests for the night (based on last years attendance).
                A wristband shows the door person that the person belongs in the speed pass line.
                It is normally a waste to sell them on opening weekend as the attendance is not there to drive the sales.
                I hope this helps clear it up some.
                Allen H


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                  we've had lots of success with this in online sales. Sell them online and people expect the worst and are more likely to purchase them. Maybe %30 of our online sales are speed passes.

                  Another pass to consider is paying a price to go through your haunt for a second time. It doesn't matter how small the amount you charge because each extra dollar earned from that makes you extra money (unless your lines are already unmanageable). Some people may pay 25% of the original price to go through a second time. How do you make sure someone already paid the full price in order to pay a second time? Wrist bands that have to be cut off to remove or have an employee sell them at the haunt's exit.


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                    Speed Pass

                    We sold speed passes the last 2 weekends and sold over 600 of them. If you do not sell them you should. Our price was almost double the regular ticket price but we made it worth there money we also gave them a VIP pass that let them get into the Haunt for free in the regular line again if they wanted to wait.