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  • America Haunts?

    I've been searching and searching, but cannot find anything on if and when they're doing their new season this year.

    Does anyone know if America Haunts is doing another season this year? If so, could you please post the date and time for me? I would greatly appreciate it!

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    Bump! Anyone? Anything?


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      brand new show on the travel channel this year

      "halloween crazy" will be on in october. larry posted this on the hauntworld facebook page.... more of the same..... haunt tours, corn mazes, pumpkin patches, stuff like that just a newer version..... hope this helps...... i love those shows too........


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        just saw my first TV commercial for..................

        THE BATES MOTEL haunted attraction and hayride on the SCI-FI channel !!!! the season is upon us !!!!!


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          Weather channel october 17th (2011)

          Top outdoor haunts. Hope this helps you............


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            american Haunts

            My TV people have told me they have not seen any programing for American Haunts I was going to advertise on that show but there are other versions of it coming in October. The show is called Americas Scariest Halloween Attractions First one on travel channel is October 2nd I think.

            Hope that helps


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              They have produced a TON of haunted house and Halloween specials. The only show that I know of that Travel is shooting is Halloween Crazy and it won't air until the week of Halloween. Halloween in general is rich with colorful content for all these networks. I would assume they'll keep making new ones for years to come!

              Larry Kirchner


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                weather channel october 17th

                a show about ALL outdoor haunted attractions. not sure of the name of the show... check weather channel upcoming shows....... we also need more SCARIEST PLACES ON EARTH.. a show done in 2000, with Linda Blair as host. Those were pretty good also.... america haunts, america haunts 2, has already been on this week (week of september 18th). keep checking !!!!!