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end of vortex tunnel?

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  • end of vortex tunnel?

    we have a 20' tunnel with a 4' x 4' landing at the exit where you then turn right and head back down the ramp to ground level. my question is, does a vortex tunnel work better with an image on the end wall or simply a black wall. thanks for any input

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    I like black wall

    Black wal for me. But since I was the first to post everyone can tell you how stupid I am.

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      For your best result mirror both sides of your tunnel but use plexiglass for safty.



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        be careful with the plex the stuff aint cheap and it breaks easy


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          Brakes Easy?

          Originally posted by DDJR View Post
          be careful with the plex the stuff aint cheap and it breaks easy
          What the stuff i use is almost bulletproof. But is 3/4" thick so maybe if you use like 1/8" mabey but it is much better than glass and if there is something better please let me know.


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            Black wall at the end with 4 sheets of 1/8" acrylic mirror (from Total Plastics, Inc (they have sales offices all over the country)) on the sides.

            If you use acrylic, make sure you PRE DRILL the holes that you are going to use to hold it to the wall. If you go running a screw in it without drilling, it WILL crack. I use 4 screws and fender washers to hold mine up, I try to get them right at the edges so there isn't a big washer smack in the middle to throw off the effect.
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              Thanks for all the feedback.


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                Sean where do you get your heavy duty plexi?
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                  Larry's CGI

                  We use Larry's Cgi effect :the Seance Mirror: Check it out on

                  We projected the image to 8ft and it was awesome!



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                    Corwin, I got my Plexiglas from a local window manufacture PGT I knew a guy that worked there. but it was exspensive like 250 a sheet.
                    Hope things are going well


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                      Why "Drill"?

                      Use the fender washers to hold on the edges . This maintains the integrity of the entire sheet. Buy Lexon it is pretty "Bullet-Proof" in any thick or thin dimension. I have had a large window of it getting beat on now for 15? years being OPEN every night of the year. A local Hot Rodder ordered it originally for the side windows of his car but never picked it up at the hardware store.
                      If the piece is large enough and someone hits it hard enough it may flex enough to leave it's frame but it will not break, so make a deeper frame for it to keep it where you need it.
                      I was told about a house that put Lexon over an entire doorway that had their 200 pound+ "Werewolf" run down the hall and jump at customers as they walked passed the doorway, he would hit it as if being stopped mid-air and be thrown back, it never broke. Learning to fall back safely on the werewolf/actor's part was the trick.