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Pond Fogger Uses?

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  • Pond Fogger Uses?

    Just curious if anyone has any creative uses for pond foggers? We are not allowed to use fog machines in our location, so I have to use these periodically to get a fog effect. They use nothing but water to create fog with hydrosonic waves, so it does not effect our alarm system. Im not talking about the small mist maker ones that you get at spencers, but the large devices that are meant for real ponds that create a lot of fog. Right now I have one in a pop up barrel that I made. And in the past I have used one in a pot of water on a stove in a kitchen scene, and under a metal sewer drain that was built into the floor in a street corner scene. Does anyone out there have any cool uses for a good quality pond fogger. I have a few extras laying around, and I want to try to use them for something interesting!

    I cant wait to see what ideas other people have come up with!
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    How about doing a metal grated ceiling so the fog falls into the customers path. If there is enough fog you could even be providing an area an actor can come out from

    Also, Sewer grates in walls with the fog coming out of. Then you could also have rat, alligator, snake, or a spider animation popping out of also.
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      1) Make a bull, with fog coming out of its nostrils.

      2) You could do a fire room... Very dimly lit, with fire sound effects, and filled with fog.

      3) Make some kind of "cursed" statue, with fog coming out of its eyes.

      4) Have a dim room filled with fog. Have sound effects of the ocean, seagulls, etc. Then suddenly have a fog horn blast.

      5) Go classic by having a witch with a cauldron that has fog coming out, but actually have something pop out of the cauldron.