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  • Sample phone call today

    Phone call I got today. "Mother-in-law gets her check Oct. 3rd. Wife and I want to take our son to your haunt and zombie shoot for his fifth birthday. How much for the 3 of us to do that?" I say we do not recommend anyone under 12 on haunted trail; but for 5 year old recommend doing the maze and maybe laser tag together. "Ok; I'll have mother-in-law take the 5 year old through maze while wife and I go through haunt." Then I find out she uses a walker or wheel chair.

    I'm reading between the lines during conversation and offer up a cheaper alternative. Money is tight but making 5 year old b-day special seems to be important. But when I see he is willing to ditch the kid off on granda who is handicapped so HE can go through haunt....well I better not finish my thoughts here in public forum.

    Wicked Farmer

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    Sounds like the type of parents that raised Michael Myers in Rob Zombies version of Halloween.
    That aint right!


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      My personal favorites are the ones that ask questions that are clearly stated on the website as well as on the voicemail \ auto attendant system (as in, the same voicemail system they're using to leave me that very message). It only gets oh-so-much better when they have a blocked phone number and don't leave their number during the message. It makes it incredibly difficult to call back. THEN they'll call 2 days later and complain that we never called back. /sigh.
      -Brandon Kelm
      Operations Manager & Technical Director