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    How do you outdoor haunters handle the issue of power? Do you run extension cords for miles? Do you use batteries? Do you use generators? If you use generators, what do you do about the noise? Anyone tried solar?

    Thanks for your time!

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    For lighting, LED mini spotlights is the way to go. You can run very long runs on 16 guage wire. For sound, I like to run 70v systems, for the same reason, you can run very long runs and lots of speakers without issue. I try to keep the 120 volt stuff close to the power source. I ran generators back in the nineties and could got get away from them soon enough.
    If you must make long runs with 120 volts, run heavier wire than what you would usually run, and try to keep your amps down. It was explained to me by an electrician that once you start maxing your amps, voltage drop becomes an issue.


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      Thanks Mike!


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        Ditto...what Mike said

        We did generators at one time...hated them. Guys responsible for fueling them late so yours truly ended up fueling them. Blessed with an old barn that was by haunt trail beginning. That was tore down and have power there. Our 1/3 mile trails loops back on itself in the corn. So we put power eaters near beginning of trail and end of trail; air compressors right at power source close to animatronics but put them inside sound buffering box. We have ran Scareactory Impaler, Slayer, motion floor, vortex tunnel, and the like up front...and grand finale looping back. Out back (middle of trail) it is just actors and background sound and a few Mini LED's. But since you said you were coming out end of October I'll show you. Bring your outfit and we will work backwards through trail when it is live.

        Wicked Farmer


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          If you need to make long runs with compressed air, use a buffer tank.