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Moxley Manor Haunted House video 2011

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  • Moxley Manor Haunted House video 2011

    Here is the new Moxley Manor Haunted House video I just completed.

    Shot, Directed, and Edited by Brutal Industries.

    Thought I would share. Enjoy!
    Travis Magee
    Brutal Industries LLC

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    really attractive ladies !!!!! very disturbing haunt !!!!!!

    you guys have it all !!!!!! great detail and very scary looking. great job !!!!!! have a great haunt season !!!!!


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      Looking good Gang!


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        Awesome job by Brutal Industries and a pleasure working with these guys! Some very cool mask from Stiltbeast Studios as well.
        Richard Alvarado
        Moxley Manor Haunted House
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          Excellent job! That was amazing and fun to watch...Keep up the great work!
          David "Pug" DeChamps
          Owner of Unlucky 13 Haunted Design


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            where's my t-shirt ????

            need info on ordering a few..... please advise............. thanks !!!!! ( what sizes available, price including shipping, etc. where to send to etc etc..... thanks, guys !!!)


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              That was pretty slick! Awesome stuff. Feels good to have the season here.

              Good Luck this season.
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                Thanks guys.

                Moxley Manor, you guys were great to work with as well. Extremely a pleasure to work with you guys and your actors are something else! They don't hold anything back! haha

                Just wanted to throw out a plug to future customers. Brutal Industries can handle any type of video commercial for your haunt. From theatrical and cinematic style viral videos to short intense 30 second commercial spots. We can shoot at your haunt or just give us your theme and we can set up to shoot scenes to match your theme. I am also extremely capable of taking your own artwork and adding motion graphics and effects to incorporate into your videos. Whatever style you want, we can handle.

                We also offer professional Photography, Graphic Design, and Logo services.

                I hope everyone has a kickass season!! If you ever need any creative services for 2012, please think of Brutal Industries!
                Travis Magee
                Brutal Industries LLC