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  • Flame Cert.

    Anyone have a flame certificate on a product called VG-13 that studiotekfx sells email me

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    Call the manufacturer. Its their responsibility to have the flame spread/ smoke spread rating done. You are looking for an ASTM number like "ASTM E-84 Approved". Basically it is verification that it passed a standard test.
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      Yes the gentalman who built my tunnel that the flame retardent vinyl is on orginaly built the material from Studiotekfx. I doubt they are manufactures but they will not return any calls or emails. I take that back i tried to order some material and they emailed back to say they are out of stock. So there getting the messages but! It would be nice to know who the orginal manufactor is so i can try to get a certificate from them. Sad the alternative is paying a couple grand to have sprinkler heads put under my tunnel.