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    Very short tutorial building the cemetery "iron" gate. I know it's basic knowlege. But if your new, get some 3/4 inch PVC pipes (I used the 10 foot long). Grab some red and black spraypaint. Then some pine 2x2s (I used 8 feet long). You might also want to pick up two thin style hinges and a few 1 1/2 drywal screws. Finally, you will need to cut PVC and drill holes slightly larger that your PVC pipes.
    Sorry for the larger photos.
    2011-10-22 16.34.36.jpg
    The bottom boards like the top boards are cut into 4 foot lengths. But, when it comes to drilling holes, I only drilled halfway through so the PVC would not go through to the ground. The top board has holes all the way through. Cut the PVC to lenths ranging from larger to small. The actual size is up to you but my tallest pole is about 4 feet tall. Use your hinges to secure the two bottoms and then the two tops. Screw in each pole through the sides of the boards tops and bottoms. This will hold them in place and alow you to swing open and close your gate for storage.
    2011-10-22 16.34.53.jpg
    To paint them, I used red paint first, then darkened the edges with black. The painting took the longest time for me about 6 hours to finish this project. You might think it was cutting each arrow on the bandsaw but nope, wrong. ...Btw, you wil need thin plywood to cut arrows. lol. The arrows are just hand drawn and then slowly cut out. To make this work faster I used double stick tape to hold 4 layers of plywood pieces together and carved them out. Saves a ton of time. When they are done, just insert the arrows inside the PVC tops.I didn't hot glue mine because I will remove them for storage.
    2011-10-22 16.30.30.jpg
    2011-10-23 13.42.12.jpg
    2011-10-23 13.44.11.jpg
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    Very nice job on your wrought iron fence, love the tips on them!