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Creep Acres Haunted House 2011 Video Walkthrough

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  • Creep Acres Haunted House 2011 Video Walkthrough

    Before I say anything else I want to say sorry because I barely posted anything over the course of the regular haunt season this year, and I wish I had done a progress thread like last year. I mainly focused my energy on just the haunt as well as daily vlogs for youtube, so I guess if you want to keep track of my haunting next year, click over and subscribe cause I'll definately still be doing the videos next year. Anyway, our haunt this year was so much better than last year, much more attention to detail especially in terms of the lighting. Last year I waited til openning day to take out lighting and it ended up being way too bright. This year I think I started lighting work the secong week of October and it definately paid off. The other new thing this year was to expand the beginning of the haunt in to the driveway (which is why the first part of the video looks less detailed). Our theme this year was 'Uncle Bubba's Barbeque and Packaging.' The whole haunt you're basically being chased down by hungry canibal butchers. We had about 2-3 hundred people come through over three nights, so not great but not bad either. Anywho, I've rambled on for long enough, here's our walkthrough...
    *Sigh*I can't wait til' October