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The Darkness - Terror Visions - The Haunting Lemp Haunt Tour March 8, 9, 10

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    It really isn't that big of a deal but here are some photos of Lemp... we are building out this entire que line which will have a ghostly FX preshow. This week I'll be uploading probably 50 or so photos of Lemp as we hit the place really hard this week. We'll have 10-12 people working on Lemp this week all week. Lemp will be pretty cool. Our whole entire crew just got back from Canada installing some mini golf attractions. So we'll be here and will dedicate the next 10 days to hard core getting Lemp done. Now that i'm uploading Lemp photos its almost like starting this thread over again.

    Larry Kirchner


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      Here is a quick update... spent a lot of time at Lemp trying to get stuff planned out over there. We now have a total of like 15 people working there 10 to 12 hours per day trying to get it done. We also came up with this massive list at Darkness as well. I'm just going to be honest impossible is the only word to use... can't all be done.

      We are in cutting corners mode on detail and stuff like that just to have a shot at getting them in a ready to open condition. Having the show this early this year is killing us, not to mention all the projects we are working on for other clients. I was telling Patti I don't ever remember doing this little to create new scenes and it taking this long. I don't think we've ever spent this much time on such a small amount of square feet ever. It is mind boggling ... oh well. There is no lighting, no sound, and no animations hooked up in Darkness and I think normally that should take about 2 maybe three weeks to do and somehow we need to figure out how to do it in like a week not to mention lighting and sound on top of that. What a nightmare! Good news ... we ordered a bunch of stuff from Unit 70 and the balance of that is ready to be picked up on Monday. SO that will help us finish Darkness. We got some new cool animation in today from Dark Raven as seen in this picture... you are probably wondering what it does. LOL Anyway most of the photos from here on out will be of Lemp. As you can see Lemp is getting a major que line show.

      Talk to you soon. almost all the behind the scenes tour tickets are sold out you need to hurry up. Lastly on our trailer haunt I doubt now at all we'll be able to do the one trailer we hoped to do... right now its a gutted trailer. So be prepared to walk through a gutted trailer... lol. All the same that is about seeing what a trailer haunt is about, how they are constructed... we will NOT have time to do that I'm almost positive.

      Larry Kirchner


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        Like I said most of the photos from here on out will be Lemp although there will be several more Darkness photos to come... will explain in a second.

        Still to go Darkness: Clown Truck - All the new animations must be hooked up - and we have to build a few more things and hook up everything.

        Lemp: We are building the first three rooms from scratch including the que line from scratch. We'll have all the construction done today. Its all paint from here on out then we'll be hooking up everyhing.

        Here are some photos of work being done at Lemp Today. Lemp will go really fast because we have EVERYONE working on it not just a handful of people.

        We also have a crew working at Darkness as well doing all sorts of little things.

        Larry Kirchner


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          Quickly ... here is one photo of the floor at Terror Visions. Its some what blurry but as I said we are painting the floors through out from start to finish. I wanted to talk just for a second about the 3D. Our biggest upgrade was on Terror Visions because although we've changed it a little here and there since we first built the thing back in 2009 when you first came to see our haunts. We wanted to bring Terror Visions FULL CIRCLE meaning we want it to the be ultimate 3D haunted house this time around. So most of the work has been put into Terror Visions and I think you will love it!

          We still have a lot of work to do there but it will start to fall into place over the next week. Friday we are picking up the balance of all of our new Unit 70 Stuff... which will include: Clownzilla, several drop down animations, a few pop up animations, two walking zombies needed for our big effect, and several other things. Once it comes in I will post some photos for everyone. Lemp is going to be flying with photos by the end of the weekend.

          I also talked to Kip today at his shop... he's telling me everything he's doing for me will be done within 10 days. Lots of really cool things... a lot of cool stuff you'll be seeing over the next week. Get your tickets today only 3 weeks to go.

          Larry Kirchner


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            We are back to working on Darkness again, while working on Lemp, while a truck is headed up to Unit 70 to pick up some more stuff. This weekend they have the second biggest Mardi Gras event in the country... yeah right here in front of our building. That will drastically slow down progress. Because on Saturday we won't even be able to get to our building. Anyway worked on the cave this today... look how it started and look how it ends up!


            Get your tickets at

            Larry Kirchner


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              From one Idiot to another

              Looks great Larry! Cant wait to see it. Little T and I have already purchased our tickets and we are bringing one of our most loyal actors/techs with us, Stringbean (yeah we all have to dev nicknames). See ya in St Louis!
              Travis "Big T" Russell
              Big T Productions Inc

              Owner and Operator of "The Plague" and "Camp Nightmare"

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                Couple things... here is a picture of CLOWNZILLA from Unit 70. Also working on some mansion style rooms inside Lemp. Its coming along. Get your tickets at

                Larry Kirchner


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                  Here are photos of Lemp we have two crews working 10 to 12 hours a day right now. I can't see how we can get Darkness done and honestly its the attraction we've worked on the most. Lemp will get done I think outside of the Lemp History Museum we wanted to build... no time to start that. Lemp is looking pretty awesome. We have painters there all night long working on it. I would say by this time on Wed night it should be almost all painted. Then its all about putting props inside and trying out best to detail it out more. Lemp is being done more like a traditional haunt is done... but some new scenes, add some new props and do it as quickly as possible.

                  Where as The Darkness has all these over the top high concept stuff... Lemp is true traditional haunted house. Lemp is really a million times better than our first year. It will be pretty cool! Get your tickets quickly. If you really want to see how cool Lemp really is you have to see it walking through with more lights on... its unreal. Get your tickets quickly

                  Larry Kirchner


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                    Again we have crews working at both Lemp and Darkness. I wanted to mention that we don't have time to do anything at Creepyworld to our trailer haunt. We did actually gut one trailer to do work but just won't have time right now. Anyway... here are some photos of our new rope bridge installed. Another picture is of our updated mummy style scene looks a lot better than last year. Also you can see the actor rig we had installed so an actor can run across the top of the scene... I didn't see it work but I heard Kip got up there and had a blast doing it.

                    Also and lastly there is a photo of the ice cream truck getting further along... the room is being painted and the truck is totally welded together and later today we'll start to frame it out then paint it and prop it. Every single day we finish stuff at Darkness a new list is created making it nearly impossible to complete. This show is starting too soon for us...

                    Larry Kirchner


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                      We have TWO WEEKS TO GO HERE... so here goes some updates.

                      1) We will NOT be able to do any type of build out to our one trailer haunt room. It was stripped down to nothing so when you walk through you'll see an empty trailer but that is only one of six.

                      2) Lemp will be finalized painting by this Sunday. I will get a lot more photos of this later this week. Lemp was an easy build out and it looks a lot better than last year.

                      3) Today people worked on running air lines... we also installed that clownzilla and nearly have that clown ice scream truck built out. Will get photos of all that today. We are working every single day.

                      What really sucks here is that we just don't have time to build a booth for the show...its something we haven't even started and probably can't even think about doing. To get Darkness up and running would or should take about 4 more weeks not 2.

                      I've said this 110 thousand times and I'll say it again... to do what we are doing just can't be done, and get your actors trained, blah, blah... it won't be like it will be during Halloween time that is for sure, but it will be about 85%.

                      I think the best we'll do is about 85% ready to go... once the show is over we'll probably spend another couple weeks to adjust and finish anything that wasn't done prior to the show.

                      Overall the best updated attraction will be TERROR VISIONS 3D... that was like totally upgraded. When you see Terror Visions 3D even though much is the same it will appear its totally different. When you walk through Terror Visions it will appear drastically different. Darkness won't appear to be totally different, but the things that are added are really unreal over the top.

                      It will be much more difficult to pick out the changes in Darkness so I will point them out below...

                      1) Funeral Room GONE... replaced with new Zombie Room which features actor flying rig, illusions, cgi fx, and detailed rooms
                      2) Old Mummy Room replaced with new one.
                      3) Old cave was expanded by adding new Scorpion cave
                      4) Falling barrel wall room was upgraded and improved with more detail
                      5) All kinds of little things where added downstairs like webbed bodies in the spider cave to a slight change to the mummy jail.
                      6) added all sorts of new animations throughout including the monkey cages, several drop down zombies and roachzilla.
                      7) cgi fx added to swamp house
                      8) We also had several custom CG FX added all over the attractions.
                      9) Massive upgrades to the museum including three new full sized monsters, and all sorts of gift shop stuff including a very awesome Darkness puzzle.

                      The main thing in Darkness is the Zombie Room, and Rope Bridge Water Fall.

                      Terror Visions

                      1) Upgraded and improved the Magic Room
                      2) Added a C02 FX and a Ice Cave
                      3) Upgraded the EYE Hallway
                      4) Added tons of 3D Jams all through out the attraction
                      5) Added Clownzilla
                      6) Built a funhouse scene with CGI FX, Bubble Machine, and animations
                      7) Built a Jack n Box Scene with animation
                      8) Adding several drop down animations
                      9) Built a massive and very cool clown truck with CGI fx.
                      10) Added all sorts of new artwork everywhere.

                      Lemp Brewery

                      1) Replaced the first FOUR scenes with more mansion style scenes
                      2) Added several animations
                      3) Built a sewer gator scene
                      4) Added a new scene to the backend of the attraction
                      5) Added all sorts of new sounds, lighting and props
                      6) The biggest thing of all was building a pre-show which features a ghostly William Lemp giving the back story.

                      I think in the end all of the stuff we did is worthy of everyone coming and see our new tour. I've said this 110 times before, we are NOT doing what your typical haunt tours do... this is an all out massive renovation.

                      Get your tickets at

                      Larry Kirchner


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                        I'm not kidding we can't do everything we wanted to do time has run out... we have to build our tradeshow booth, start hooking up lighting, sound and animations. We had guys painting Lemp all day but now we are going to shift back to Darkness AGAIN. We'll get back to Lemp next week.

                        We are going to build a tradeshow booth in like 2 days, it will be awesome but at hte same time it will be built in 2 days. We are now going every day trying to get this done. We'll keep working on it. We worked on that clown car for a huge part of the day as you can see with these photos. Tickets at

                        Larry Kirchner


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                          This looks so wonderful, I am sad I am bogged down with work to go to the show this year. I love the columns on the previous page * the square ones with the arches, are they vacuum form*??

                          Also, I noticed you are doing an ice cave! Sounds great. I noticed there was a post a while ago about doing ice stuff on sets and I forgot to Reply Due to being bogged down with work. For 3 years I have been doing snow effects for the movie industry. There are certain products that you can get that Can look amazing depending on what look you want. Some of the products you can get are on the website here ..... . The great thing is that these snow products come Fire proofed. The first product you typically get it FS and HS. They mean full size and half size. This is essentially Bleached white paper that is ground down to different thickness. You typically lay down Full size and then top it off with half size, the full size acts like a bulk filler, to make a mound of snow large. If you want a really large mound of snow you can build up a base of cotton batting and then spread the snow over it. Typically when you apply this, you use a large insulation blower that has a water mister attachment to pack it and to keep the dust down. The cheap way is to take a cullender noodle strainer and shake it on the surface and then for permanent positioning you mist it with a weed sprayer and elmers glue! Ok, now that gives you a white mound of snow for the ground, to make it look even better what you do is add display snow and then *Shredded poly* on top of that, which is ground up plastic material, what this does is add a nice wet look shine to the snow/ ice. you spray this with the elmers glue water mixture on the snow.

                          Ok, that covers the floor now you want those cool iced walls!, What you do is take a fist full shredded poly and display snow... You then get that spray santa snow stuff. You hold the can of spray snow up to the bottom of your filled fist. You then gradually release your fistfull of shredded poly and display snow and at the same time spray the santa snow.... what this does is the material being dropped combines with the santa spray snow and spray the wall.... You get really cool frosted looks with this.

                          Ok so your set looks kind of cool, what more can you add???? well you can get a pot and melt some candle wax...... BE SAFE IT CAN BURN YOU!!! You then go to the top of your panel and dripp it down with leather gloves and a welder jacket to keep you safe if it splashes. What happens is as u drip it slowly it has a chance to cool and look like icicle deposits. Make sure the pot you boil it in has a pour spout!!!!!! It helps it from getting all over....... Oh ya this effect is cool when you take white nylon rope and dip it in the hot wax 4 times, you let it cool in between each dip.... you then attach it to a candle and drip more wax on it from a smaller pot with a spout. You can have some narly candle drips with this method,,,, you can see such examples in the move Van helsing which the company I work for did.... It was done on the candelabras in Dracula's castle!! ......... The more expensive way is to rent this candle wax sprayer, snow business has for 500.00 a day and spray it all over your set, it is much safer.... The cool thing about the wax spray gun is that you can get panels to look thick in ice. There are many different waxes they use to make different ice effects.....

                          Ok so you want icicles, This company also sells Clear acrylic icicles for 20-50 a set depending on the size you want. They do not have them on their website, call them to find the current price.

                          you can also use elmers glue and throw it all over, or make puddles, it drys clear and looks like ice!

                          there are so many other methods to use this stuff to get a look you require, This company will give you a cool effect for your price range. If you decide to contact them tell them Frank sent you.

                          Just another crazy idea I have,
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                          Frank W. Balzer



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                            Couple of things I wanted to alert everyone on...

                            In our gift store we will have the following items:

                            1) Full Color Mugs: This mug is totally awesome best one I've ever seen. Designed by Brainstorm

                            2) 550 piece Puzzle: This is just unreal, I've never seen anyone do this before and boom we did it. You'll have to get one just to see how to do your own for your gift store.

                            3) How to Detail Your Haunts part 1, 2, and 3 plus how to Foam Carve your Haunt DVD's

                            4) New t-shirts for both Darkness and Lemp plus Terror Visions.

                            All of this stuff will be for sale in our gift store.

                            LASTLY everyone who comes to the behind the scenes tour gets a FREE Hauntworld Issue 29 Magazine. No you won't get issue 30 free but you can get a free copy of issue 29. You can pick it up in the gift store.

                            Larry Kirchner


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                              Here are some more photos of Lemp taken with a flash so it doesn't look as cool as it does in person. I will say Lemp is looking pretty good. Additionally we are working on our animated preshow that will entertain people while waiting in line. Starting to get that totally together. It really seems that after making one list you create an all new list. This seems to never get done. We also are getting closer on the clown car. I really don't think we'll get everything done but we'll try. We already starting shoving some things out of the mix like all the new drop down animations we had made, no time to install them, blah, blah. 2 weeks to go!

                              Larry Kirchner


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                                This is trial and error or as we like to say around here mostly error. After playing around with this realized that we needed to make changes with time we don't have. Man I HATE these tours (LOL)... you want to do all this stuff you've never done before and when you finally get them installed you realize you need to make adjustments. We'll be messing around with this effect a little while longer I think. Hopefully we get it done.

                                March of the zombies is not working yet but cross your fingers!

                                Larry Kirchner