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Vendors Pay Attention to This... The Thing

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  • Vendors Pay Attention to This... The Thing

    First off I thought The Thing prequel was pretty cool. As a HUGE FAN of the original I thought it was cool to see how everything went down to actually set up the original. Nice job. Nothing really new on this flick because basically everything they did was like the original in many ways. But it was cool I'd say it was scary, had some really gross stuff, and well just overall a nice horror movie.

    Anyway pay attention here because if you get the BLUE RAY like I did they have a making of the Thing packed in there and it shows how they did all the FX... holy cow! When you watch the movie everything looks CG but it is NOT... get the blue ray and watch the making of the movie you'll be happy you did let me tell you that one.

    They show how they made all kinds of awesome animations, silicone monsters, monster suits, costumes its all in there... it was awesome.

    NICE JOB... they said they didn't want the wrath of the fans so they wanted to do real monsters, and then they enhanced them in CGI which ruined them... just watch the BLUE RAY.

    Larry Kirchner

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    Just bought it, will watch it this wekend. I am a huge fan of both films, and even the 1051 Arness version!
    Listen to them, Children of the night. Oh what music they make.