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    When first starting how many years did you all see your attendance grow?

    How long did it take to think that your haunted house market was maxed out?

    When things leveled off were you able to do anything to bring in a noticeable surge the following year?

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    There are so many variables here you'll never get the answer you want or need.


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      I know there are a lot of variables. I was thinking just a simple straight forward haunted house where your in the initial growth stage. Even with gradual improvements each year I know attendance will eventually level out. I'm going into my 3rd year and have a long ways to go to max out my potential. I have land available around me to expand into multiple haunts. The possibilities are endless. I just didn't know by the experience of others how long they stayed at it before attendance started tapering off or if it ever has.
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        Sorry again depends where you are, your demographic an population.


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          I worked for a haunted house for five years. The haunt has been around for three years before that. In those eight years it has grown each year. The last five growth has been steady. So has his marketing budget. They are at about 10,000 victims now. Marketing will play a big part on your growth. The town that it is in has about 40,000 people in it. the surrounding city and towns within about a half hour is about 750,000. That also has a lot to do with it.
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            3 to 5 years

            Or "Seasons" for the rest of you. (My "season" is every night, all year long.)
            This is important to consider as the urge to over spend your income approaches after that 3rd or 4th year, then the next year is flat and you find yourself wishing you had that money back in your pocket, rather than in someone else's.
            Customers are usually "finite" in the majority of locations.
            Some of them will only be returning once every other or every third year too.
            Some customers will be coming back 10 years later as College, marriage, kids , remove them from the picture., oh I forgot Prison.
            I'm still trying to figure this kind of thing out after 25 yrs. If I had it figured out precisely, I might not be open every night of the year, except for the fact that I love doing this!!