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  • Acceptable Scares??

    Do you take any kinds of fearful reactions that any customer cares to express? Or are some of them taboo? Or should be?
    How about potentually dangerous reactions? Like when a puncher comes through?
    I saw a whole new reaction here last October that I am still amazed by it.
    Lucky for me she didn't get injured or hurt at all, but then over all these years I had never seen anything like this before!
    This event happened in my second room, the kitchen. It is a very well lit room with a group of maybe a dozen others there, standing, looking around as I talked.. I set up the scare by having her "volunteer" and then I secretly activated my home made display,which usually gets some pretty good reactions, BUT....
    The girl was maybe 18 to 20 years old, slightly shorter than the average girl, athletic....
    She screamed as she jumped, up and back (or is that "around?"). She did a backwards summer salt! Landing on her feet!
    The stunt all began with her standing on both her feet.
    The rest of her group did not look or seem as if they were with any Circus.
    It was amazing!
    When dealing with the public, you will never, will have seen or heard "IT" all before.