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    Allen Hopps and Stiltbeast Studios news-

    With all the excitement around here I though I would share what is going on in my world

    I am teaching/moderating in a few classes-
    At Transworld in St. Louis-
    This is a lot of info for two hours, but I promise it will be worth it and I know classes are hit and miss -I intend to make this one a winner, you will walk away with an idea or two.
    I won’t waste your time.
    Building a Better Monster - Training Actors to Look and Be Terrifying
    Saturday 10:15am - 12:30pm
    Speaker: Allan Hopps, Stiltbeast Studios
    In this two-hour demonstration seminar, Allan Hopps will offer in-depth lessons on actor training, including character development, how to be scary, working with the elements of your scene, customer psychology, humor vs. fear, and many more critical topics. Costume design will also be covered in detail so you can learn how your actors can look and play the part.

    I am also moderating this panel-
    Haunt Acting Panel Discussion
    4:30pm - 5:30pm
    Moderator: Allan Hopps, Stiltbeast Studios
    Panelists: D’Ann Dagen, Geoff Beck, Regina Englehart
    I’m excited about this one! It should be a great chance to talk with and learn from some great actor trainer/ motivators!

    And a member of this one- I may rock the boat a bit because I am sure my views differ from the other panel members. It takes all kinds and I am sure that one of our answers will be what you are looking for- lol. It’s really cool to be teamed up with all these great people. It is also a free seminar!
    [Early Bird Seminar] How to Survive in the Haunted House Industry Panel Discussion
    8:00am - 9:00am
    Moderator - Ben Armstrong - Netherworld Haunted House
    Panelists - Ed Terebus (Erebus Haunted House/FearFinder), Allan Hopps (StiltBeast Studios), Randy Bates (BatesMotel/Pennhurst)
    Ben Armstrong from Netherworld Haunted House moderates this panel featuring a group of talented haunters who have spent years helping others in the industry. Learn from them the critical lessons about how to run a safe, entertaining attraction while avoiding the mistakes that can end an event’s career before it can ever really get started.

    I am excited to see you all in St. Louis!
    Stiltbeast Studios is going to have a booth! Booth #20 at the Transworld Show in St.Louis. I will haveall of my DVDs and the most Deranged masks ever assembled. It looks like I will have 130 plus masks at the booth. I know I cant display them all at once, so I will fill spots as each one is sold. Each mask is unique and hand crafted- they don’t come from a mold. I have three main styles of mask and many that are just outside the box. Institution, Scarecrow, and Killer are the main kinds check out my website for info on the masks.
    Here is a teaser pic.
    one shelf and two masks from the shelf closer up.
    Please introduce yourself if we meet at the show,
    Allen H

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    Incredible Masks! Wish I'd be able to see them in person!


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      Hi Mr Allen,
      I wont be making it to TW.
      Are you going to have a mask sale again soon?
      I would love to use them in my haunt!!!


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        I will also be getting a booth at MHC this year. Hopefully I can see you there. I will have a sale post MHC if I have any stock left. I will have an online sale in July or August with new masks also.
        Allen H


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          I have signed up for your acting class. Looking forward to it.
          Chris Riehl



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            Allen the guys from Horror Fields in NC will be honored to meet you at MHC. Hope you still have some stuff left after tw.
            BLOOD, GUTS AND GORE!


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              I certainly will- I will be in a frenzy after TW, but I wont owe anything since I am all cash and carry! I will have costumes, masks and a new DVD for MHC. But I need to get through TW first lol.


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                Good luck at TW!!! Hope to see ya there!!!



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                  no dvd

                  so you won't have your new dvd at transworld?


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                    There's also the possibility of me taking one of your seminars! I have it down on my list...not sure which ones she picked for me to see! Either way I would love to meet you there and say hello to one of the coolest and friendly prop designer I have come across. Can't wait!!!



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                      Originally posted by screamforadream View Post
                      Incredible Masks! Wish I'd be able to see them in person!
                      Whhhhaaattt? You're not going? I thought for sure you were! Boo on that!!!



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                        Deathstaste- I will have it for MHC. I want to deliver the best video I can so I need a bit more time with it. But I am going to have all my other DVDs and several other goodies. All cash and carry.


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                          we meet again...

                          Originally posted by krazedklownkilla View Post
                          Allen the guys from Horror Fields in NC will be honored to meet you at MHC. Hope you still have some stuff left after tw.
                          SO it looks like we shall meet AT MHC.. i just finished watching all ur you tube vids! hope to see more this year!
                          "We bring you the WHO WHAT AND WHERE of the industry we all love"