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My 1st DIY spray foam cave disaster

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    Allen how wide is your cave and what do you recommend?


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      The room we did was 12' by 20' with the entrance and exit next to each other. The half wall (From the cieling to 3.5' from floor) was dead center and 14' long. The only thing I recommend is to have at least one good turn in it so they cant see the exit from the entrance.
      Allen H


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        I am sorry about the disaster, sounds like a mess. I hope you email the company and tell them your complaint. Typically what I have seen before in the studios is that you hire a Foam insulation sprayer to come in and spray a nice semi thick coat of foam on the window screen//// or Fiberglass concrete cloth. What you then do is spray it with a *HOPPER* with a semi water down thin set or synergy.... What this thin set/synergy does is add a hard coat and adds more realistic cave drips for your set. This hard coat protects from foam chipping off of your set. You then paint with browns grey black and whatever else you want, even glow in the dark paint to look like minerals! This method can bee seen at the Indiana Jones ride In CA, and also the movie pirates of the Caribbean the black pearl....

        Hope this helps,
        Frank W. Balzer



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          HAHAHHA! Great video there..the prize was at the end though..

          Allen, how on earth did you get that stuff out of your...well...EVERYTHING !? lol


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            I called the company. Talked to a rep about varying factors and I did everything that I was supposed to. The reps only answer was "it depends on who is spraying it" as far as results go. Told the rep that if I applied a 1" layer then I would not even come close to achieving 600 board feet. I stated in my 1st post that I had a little bit of foam left in one of the canisters. The rep told me that they do this on purpose because the resin in that particular tank is a little bit thicker and want to make sure enough comes out.

            It ain't over yet. I am working on something that will certainly just piss off a lot of the spray foam guys.
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              We hired a spray foam company to come in and do our cave. It was great as the first guy had worked for the company for years and had always wanted to do something like that so after a while he shut off the counter and just went to town on it. Of course our cave is 50 feet long and 12 wide, so it was better to do it this way. We put in several turns so we could keep fog in easier (its outside). If you do this make sure you get foam that has a hard surface when it sets. It makes for a great cave.