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Whats with Halloween people and Tv lately??

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  • Whats with Halloween people and Tv lately??

    Whats with Halloween people being on T.V lately?? We have Distortions, People on Face-off, and America Haunts!! Those are Big checks for this industry! I would like to introduce this other new T.V show, this time on the discovery channel! Its Called Unchained Reaction. I will be competing on it along with my fellow team mates. Its rather a scripted show, as with most shows, they like you to embellish. They also do not have proper tools to compete with! HA HA!!! However it should be a sight to see and hear with my Miss pronunciation with the word guillotine, and other stuff. If you are interested in seeing the show it starts march 18th. I do not know when The show I am on will air yet, but will keep you all updated..... It should be a very interesting show, especially with other the other spfx artists on the show with me, we do some great stuff horror fans will be proud of!!! .... Kind of sad but they would not let me mention the name of my friends and my haunt! Blah!.

    I said, Guillotine, huh? chopping heads???? you will have to find out!

    P.s. Boo boxes are amazing...... and blood filled condoms.... You will find out why!
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    Frank W. Balzer


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    Looks really cool!

    I like the idea of this a lot. More from a mechanical perspective.
    Good idea!
    Good Luck Frank!!!!


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      I love it Halloween is becoming more and more mainstream!