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What would you do with a small trackhoe??

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  • What would you do with a small trackhoe??

    I have a small to medium size trackhoe available to me anytime I want. All I have to do is make sure this thing has diesel in it. It will dig down to about 10' in depth.

    What could I do with it to add to my haunt? Don't say bury some shipping containers to create a mineshaft cause last time I looked those containers weren't going for scrap rates. I would like to keep it towards the cheap side too. 1st thought is dig a couple shallow holes for a graveyard that actors can hide in.
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    Have dug down in the past to create trenches about 4-5foot deep to avoid code issues without a retaining wall and about 10foot wide and made the trench in an s shape...we had one chainsaw come from front of trench and one from back and customers went nuts lol really cool and cheap...fill them with fog and a strobe or two and very eerie.



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      Track hoe

      I hate to be the fun hater but....please do not dig a trench and put people in it. Very dangerous unless it is supported.

      Love and kisses

      Mom Chaos
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        Ask Shane

        Not sure why she is wearing track shoes...but ask Shane. I am sure he will have ideas.

        Wicked Farmer


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          When i say trench it's not straight down...there are strict regulations that go with the grading and such...wouldn't be done if it wasn't safe. It's up to your local code to what allowed. You can't find some cheap metal containers either? Usually quite a few around my area.


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            I would dig

            A big steaming , jagged hole with a crashed UFO and alien bodies spread around the edges.. then a severed alien head comes to life!
            A security team steps upon this scene and escourts everyone away, right out the exit!
            "They" say the two things most of us are afraid of is whatever is under the water or whatever is under the ground, two foreign places for we living, breathing people to every be, for very long.
            Everytime I dig a hole here I find car parts, if I dig deeper I find wagon parts and bones.
            .. maybe you could decorate the digger/crawler into a space robotic human gatherer or disguise it as a robotic dinosaur using the digging claw as the neck-head?