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  • Important News!!

    Hi Guys,

    I want to apologize in advance if this get's pretty long, but I assure you it is well worth the read.

    As some of you may know, I have been doing a one night haunted house every year for my school's Relay for Life in May, and in September/October, I am usually found volunteering somewhere in Connecticut, helping to act, manage, or design haunts!

    Well 3 years ago I became involved with a haunted trail in my town, it was advertised to benefit the trolley museum. I lived less than 5 minutes away and instantly fellin love with it, I spent the entire year working on it with one guy in particular, and was the only volunteer solely committed to working on it year round. I helped build, manage, design, and was the on-site medic. At the end of the year, the head volunteer (or so I thought), asked me to not be a manager, so I took it with a grain of salt, and still helped year round and made a scene to act in, I was still the on-site medic, but the head volunteer was still giving me a hard time about even being there, when just a few months earlier he was patting me on the back thanking me for getting his truck out of the mud. Then, seeing all my hard work, I was nominated to be a person of the week in the local paper, to which the so called head volunteer sent an email to the editor saying I wasn't even involved with the haunt and demanded a reprint. I fluffed it off as jealousy, since he was the head volunteer. Come to find out, he was secretly getting 10% off the ticket proceeds, and didn't want the museum finding out I was doing more work than him, and lied to all the museum people and made a big scene. So I quit, I couldn't believe someone would be that pathetic, someone three times my age mind you.

    So this past October I was at CT's Largest Indoor Haunted Attraction, and thought it was an INCREDIBLE opportunity, just to be a part of it. The hours were reasonable, it was only about 30 minutes away, and everyone gave me so much respect and really appreciated me as a manager, I felt like I could be there for years. Sure there were a few mishaps, every haunt has them, but I took care of them and did my job professionally. And at the end of the season, I, along with everyone else who helped out, was under the impression that the money was donated to the American Cancer Society as they have been advertising the entire month that they were, as well as using that as a reason to get volunteer actors. Well, I was donating my time to DJ a Relay for Life Kickoff Event and was confronted by an American Cancer Society Rep who recognized me from press or whatever, and demanded to know why our owner has been blowing off all phone calls and emails she's been sending her for the past 2 months. Come to find out, not a single penny was donated, regardless of contracts, and now the lady is ignoring the ACS and lying to all the actors that a donation was made.

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    carrying on...

    I have NOT been spending a very large portion of my life trying to learn, understand, and succeed in this industry just to be continuously screwed over by arrogant, ignorant, and bigoted owners and management. If you have noticed I have not mentioned any names in this post, and I want to keep this as professional as possible.


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      That being said, I am taking a HUGE leap of faith. I can no longer just be second in command, allowing the people above me to make these heartless and immoral decisions. I am not perfect, by any means, but I have spent almost as much giving my time, money and respect to countless organizations as I have learning this industry. So it is with GREAT pleasure I announce to You that I will be opening up my own attraction come this October 2012.

      I have seen buildings, and selected one, an offer is being assessed at the moment, all the zoning and permits are in the works, and things are looking pretty good!
      I have also already made arrangements to ship a haunt from Colorado over here to Connecticut, that is about 4,000sq ft.

      Mind you, I am 19 years old, and will be 20 late this summer, and am working hard to pay my own way through college. This is a HUGE undertaking for me and I am VERY nervous. But I have to stand up for what is right. For this first year, I am going to donate $1 from every ticket sold to charity, we will benefit the American Cancer Society as well as some local high school clubs who are in desperate need of some funds to stay alive! I am hoping I can be that person to help keep a couple clubs alive and support an incredible charity who really deserves it, especially after how they've been treated this past October.


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        It would mean the WORLD to me to hear some of your advice, and suggestions as I continue down this endeavor. As well as think about me before you throw any of your unwanted pieces away! We could definitely use them!! And last but not least, to help lessen the blow on my end, if you can help share this link, It is a small piece of the overall operation, but would be extremely helpful, we don't have the budget for any over the top animatronics or any animatronics yet, but the detail, level of quality, and dedication that is going to be put into this piece, needs as much help as possible from incredible people like you. This forum has helped me grow so much, and really learn a lot about this industry. Bashing the haunts I previously helped out at will not be nearly as satisfying as outdo-ing them, and showing them what a real haunt is! There are only 3 haunts within 30 miles of where I am setting up, and 2 of them have done some horrible things to the haunt community. Now, it is my turn to do what's not only right, but something that will help out the local community as well! Anything from advice, donations of any kinds, and words of encouragement are greatly appreciated!

        Thank you so much for taking the time to read everything I had to post, I apologize for how much time it consumed, but I really appreciate it!



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          Making steps

          Sounds like your making decisions and headed in the right direction!!! Hang in there, it's not going to be easy, don't bite off more than you can chew and you will be just fine!! Personally I would call this thief out!!!! I HATE A THIEF AND I HATE ONE MORE THAT USES AND STEALS FROM A CHARITY! Shane and it's wishing you luck! Shane


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            Originally posted by graystone View Post
            Personally I would call this thief out!!!! I HATE A THIEF AND I HATE ONE MORE THAT USES AND STEALS FROM A CHARITY! Shane and it's wishing you luck! Shane
            Without knowing full story (always seems to be a little to the other side of story...ever notice you always know the good person not the nut job in a divorce?) someone screws with me once I don't air it out...twice I air it. But when seems to be involving a charity that is cheated...they do not get a second chance to screw around if it is me. Looks like Shane and I will support you on that. But when I air out things...I have written evidence "with me" in case I need to back up my position when among others in the industry. NOT saying you go looking to show off your evidence...just have it handy if needed if confronted.

            AKA Wicked Farmer


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              Hugs Bobby! Wow, I didn't realize all of that was going on!!! Like I've told you many times, I truly admire all that you do and everything you've accomplished and I am sure your haunt will become a huge success!!! It's tough not to let bad people like that bring you down, but you need to know that you are a much better person than them and are doing the right thing!!

              Best wishes to you...I know that you can do this!!!! I just might have to send you some goodies for that new haunt!

              And what's this I read on another thread that you aren't coming to TransWorld?!?!?!?!



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                Thanks Shane! I would warn vendors from selling to her at Transworld, as she's definitely unreliable, but I don't think it's needed to post it publicly. (Yet). But if she messes with ANY of my hauntworld friends on here, you can bet your ass everyone and their mother will know about it. And I won't, it's going step by step, meeting with the fire marshal this week to discuss possible issues with the building and any other requirements and hoping to get a written list of ordinances and rules to follow from him and help establish a more common fire safety list for the future in our town. Next step will be applying for all the proper permits and confirming the lease, then forming the LLC, already have insurance taken care of through Ken Donat, and got a great deal on a haunt from Colorado that'll be shipped to me shortly before move in to the building! =) It'll be tough, but I am pretty determined, and am going to try and document as much as possible! This is going to be a year to remember for me! lol. As few definite things there may be right now, the one definite thing I can say for sure is that I will be damn sure to make sure no one gets screwed, and everything is done the RIGHT way, I am doing this not only out of passion, but to set an example to EVERYONE who crossed me in my past, and to make them cringe knowing that a 19 year old kid can do something better (both morally and aesthetically) than they ever could!!

                Mark, I appreciate the words! Luckily for me, I am in no position to worry about being a defendant of any cause, since the ACS compiled a LARGE collection of press, website, facebook, and other public pieces of information from her claiming to be donating money, and since no money was donated, I already had a phone call regarding some minor legal procedures that she will definitely need a good lawyer for, I just hope no lawyer out there would try to justify using a charity, but it really wouldn't surprise me! lol.

                Kimmy, I love you doll!!! You are one of the best people ever! I LOVE your creations too!! More people should check out your weebly because you make some really cool stuff! I can't wait to use even more of your stuff in this years haunt!! Expect some business lovely! =)

                Thank you guys so much for all the support, it means a whole heck of a lot to me! And for anyone who see's this, could you please share this link via a Facebook status, even if you are unable to help? This is really a big undertaking for me, and I'm essentially risking it all, any little bit of help is going to go a long way!!

                You guys are amazing! =)


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                  WOW!!! Didn't see that coming!


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                    Yeah, neither did I. I did so freakin much for that place. Hell, I gave them my all but I am not gonna give up just because a few bad eggs ruin my fun, this October is going to be insane! I can't wait!

                    And Kimmy I forgot to address your TW part, no, I really wanted my now ex-boss to take me so I. An direct her to what else iis out there but she is convinced she doesn't need anyone to help her at TW.....I would suggest not selling to any one affiliated with Fear Factory CT, she's definitely a sketchy businesswoman (as I now know) but I am already planning to attend TW 2013! with the budget I'm working with for this new endeavor, there's no way I shouldn't be able to make it next year!