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  • Ticketing Companies - Better read now

    If you didn't already know this there will be like 5 zillion ticketing companies at the show this year trying to get your business telling you everything you want to hear.

    You should be selling tickets online and if you are not you are seriously dropping the ball...

    I think most of these companies will be beating up on Interactive Ticketing the most because they have the most clients... that is how it works right?

    I think most of these companies are for the most part the same so you might draft up a list of things you'd prefer to see in an online ticketing company prior to the show.

    1) PRICE who has the lowest price per ticket

    2) DIRECT DEPOSIT in other words they don't use their bank to process your money and later send you a check. I want to use my CC company and I want direct despot into my account and I'll pay them for the fees.

    3) CUSTOMER SERVICE are you just another client or does this company really want to help you because online ticketing can be tricky. People like Interactive Ticketing have been around and really want to help people.

    4) FEATURES they can offer you in addition to everything else... let me give you an example. I just bought FOUR tickets to Madonna St. Louis. After I finished my purchase a prompt kicked up on my screen and said... 'Do you want to tell your friends you are going to Madonna'. I said yes... a facebook box popped up with Madonna logos and info about the event and let me type in a comment. Do you know how valuable that is... if all your customers bought online lets say 10,000 different people bought online okay... that is 10,000 messages out there to thousands and thousands of people about your event. I can tell you the first three points will be most important to me but features like this one I don't think I can sign up with a ticketing company now without this feature.

    Having a ticketing company that can fully integrate facebook will not get my business... for example being able to sell tickets from your facebook page, things of this nature will be too important not to have.

    Can you think of other things?

    I know some ticketing companies will offer POS as part of the package but I'm not sure how important that is for most haunts considering you have your wife, your mother, or whatever running your ticket booth. But can you think of other things you must have?

    I think there is 5 or 6 ticketing companies now wanting haunts business.

    Larry Kirchner

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    Having a ticketing company that can not fully integrate facebook will not get my business... for example being able to sell tickets from your facebook page, things of this nature will be too important not to have.


    Think Larry meant ..."having a ticket company that can NOT fully integrate facebook will NOT get my business".


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      What a minute back up to the point where you're singing material girl while building the haunt???

      Larry is right though and interactive would be a target they all will. If the wolves smell blood they will come and some may have a better product.

      #1 A CC transaction should be around .30 and 3% of the transaction. So a $20 ticket shouldn't be more then $1. If it's $2 what are you getting for that extra $1

      #2 You should get your money the second they hit buy, purchase whatever. Charge back features should be included too.

      #3 You don't wanna be calling India, it'll take 30mins to get past their flow chart to a solution.

      #4 You want all the bells and whistles you can get like nightly attendance by ticket type on the hr via text message. Where certain ticket #s used, are freebie people coming and when? POS should be included it's stupid easy to do now as a lot of teenagers don't even have bank accounts yet. Plus giving cash back can make them impulse buy.

      If there are certain features enough people want the companies will make it if it get them more business.


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        At risk of exposing my ignorance on this...

        I would like a feature that lets me upload all my email contacts and be able to send out a few teaser announcements throughout the year. A lot like what some other services provide that are not online ticket sellers.

        Wicked Farmer