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  • Paintball Hayride How To

    I'm thinking about setting up a hayride and letting patrons shoot their "enemies" with paintballs. My question is how do you set up the paintball guns to run off of compressed air and what type of compressor do I need to do this? Also what cfm will it take to run lets say 10 guns at once?

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    This is going to be insanely expensive.....i would probably best to just buy a trailer for around 10K.

    I play paintballl, that O2 will go prettty fast, so you need a pretty big tank. And guns are expensive, and take alot to maintain.
    Chris Riehl


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      I disagree. I've been involved in paintball for 2 decades. Back when paintball was PAINTBALL!

      1. You can get you some relatively inexpensive, GREAT markers for around $125 a pop. Go Tippmann, such as the Tippmann model 98. They may be more expensive now days, but they don't have to be a ton of maintenance. There are some entry level electronic markers for cheap, but they HAVE to run Compressed Air.

      2. Compressed air will be much more expensive, starting out. But cheaper in the longer run. Same thing, get Scuba tanks and a fill station and learn from a professional how to handle these. More expensive on the breakge side though, and some of your older markers must be retrofitted to run Compressed Air. Co2 can be regulated very easily. Regulate the paintballs / ammo for one. Get a few tanks to refill your marker's tanks.

      3. Using an air compressor is going to be a big pain to get set up. It's not worth it, that's IF it can even be done. You must have 800psi+ on the low side for a lot of these markers.

      I'm sure the game's changed a lot, but it shouldn't be terrible to get it going. Just gotta know your stuff. Hit up a local field owner and buy him lunch for some exchange of information to help you get started.



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        The best way to run your compressed air is to lease or rent some Nitrogen (6,000 psi) or Compressed air (4500psi) cylinders (may need as many as 6-8 depending on the number of paintballs being shot per night) from your local welding shop and get a regulator to drop your output pressure to 800psi, which is the operating pressure of paintball guns. Having your own compressor is not cost effective as a home or commercial compressor will not do, they only compress to a 125-175psi, a paintball compressor, is a 4 stage unit that compresses upwards of 5,000psi, and start at about $8k. Mount the cylinders to your trailer, tie in the regulator to either one or more cylinders then run a manifold system with your air lines (they must be able to withstand min 800psi working pressure) along your trailer to the mounted guns eliminating the need for the regular smaller paintball tanks. Figure out how many paintballs you will be letting your participants shoot depending on the length of the ride and the number of "enemies", about 75 - 100 paintballs would be about right, that would cost you retail about $2-3 per 100 shots. Sell additional bags of 100 for $10 each. Make sure you have good padding on your live targets and a paintball mask. As Frightener said Tippmann 98s are very good low maintenance guns, and cost about $125. If you have any questions email me.

        I had to respond since your name is Crossland too.

        Billy Crossland
        WinkeyDoodles Paintball Adventures


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          Ok so I've been doing alot of research but still have a few questions. Does anyone know of a vendor I could get my paintball guns and paintballs from that would do a discount for buying so many? Also does anyone have any suggestions on how to mount the guns to the trailers? I know that they need to be swivel mounted but haven't really found what I'm looking for.


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            I just ordered 10 Tippman 98 Custom Basic markers from for $119 each. Got a paintball hopper for $4 and a Guerrilla 62 c.i. air tank for $40, $163 per marker. I'm building my swivel mounts with a 2 inch long piece of 1 inch square tubing, 2 links of #60 roller chain and a 5/16" bolt and lock nut. See the pictures of the marker and a close-up of the attached swivel.zombies 001.JPGzombies 003.JPG


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              Thanks ! I never thought of the chain idea for a swivel.


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                The Kansas Zombie Response Team is pleased to announce that their first Mobile Tactical Weapons Platform is now operational. GGD Hailey was on hand to check it out. She says bring on the zombies!!
                June 2012 006.JPGJune 2012 007.JPG


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                  paintball guns tippman 98 custom

                  were in the progress of building our own paintball gun trailers and i know a cheaper place where i get my guns from I got 40 guns for $82 per gun when buying them in 10 packs. you can talk to Eithen at & we engineered a great swivel design. i will try to put pictures for yall if you would like...


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                    Pictures of your swivil would be good.

                    The KZRT had an instructive weekend. Friday night we were approved for our special use permit as a paintball facility. Saturday night we did a test run as part of our Independence Day party. I set out 10 zombie figures and 10 metal barrels. The barrels made good tagets. They gave off a satisfying ka-ting and paint splatter with each hit. Every one that tried it enjoyed it. Several kids went through a second time.

                    Things we learned: The shooters can go through a lot of paintballs. I loaded 80 paintballs for 20 targets and had a lot of people run out. I may have to rethink the number of paintballs and how long my air will last.

                    I used the screws that came with the gun to mount the swivels. I noticed that the swivels were loose, so I may have to find slightly longer screws and/or use Loc Tite on the threads.

                    The zombie figures I made from foam insulation panels may not be as durable as I thought. Each hit leaves a hole about a half inch deep. One figure had 24 hits from 3 runbys and I plan on 6 runbys per hour for 3 or 4 hours.

                    zombies 2012 008.JPG