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  • Twisted Fairy Tales

    Here is our Haunt Plan for this year. What do you think?

    Room 1: Introduction Room
    • Setup: A chair sits in the corner with mangled bodies and or dolls around. The guide sits reading from a book of Twisted Fairy Tales.
    • Dialog:
    o As the people enter: “… and their souls were doomed to eternal torment and the evil queen lived happily ever after. Oh welcome, please come in.”
    o Did you know that stories get changed from the original to fit the current times? Tonight we are going to take a walk through some wonderful stories in their original form. Or at least in the best form for this wonderful evening.”
    o “Here is one of my favorite songs, you may recognize the tune.
     Somewhere over a tombstone
     You will die.
     There’s a land that you’re scared of,
     Seen through evil eyes.
     Somewhere over a tombstone
     You’ll be there soon.
     And the nightmares you dream of
     Really do come true.”
    • Cast: 0+ Can be done by guide or actor if one available

    Room 2: Rapnuzel’s Tower
    • Hair leading from above the shed down to the ground and into the next room.
    • Dialog:
    o Guide: “ did you know that in Repunzel her hair was nto her own? Look at all the lovely hair she has gotten form ‘donors’. Looks like she forgot to clean off the scalps though. Some people will go to any length for beauty.”
    o Possible: Scalped person stumbles in: “Fly while you can, she will take yours too!”
    o Possible: Decapitated costume, bald cap on head held in hands, “She took my hair and my head.”
    • Cast: 0+
    • Need: Losts of wigs and bloody scalps

    Room 3: Rapunzel Scalping
    • Rapunzel sits on a bed with a girl bound in front of her she uses a knife to scalp the girl (could be a dead body if no actor available)
    • Dialog
    o Rapunzel sings:
     Scalp Bleed and Flow
     You hair is divine
     Take the body to the hearse
     Her hair now is mine
     Her hair now is mine
    o Rapnuzel: “I need more hair. Pretty pretty hair. Oh you! Give me your hair!”
    • Cast: 1+ girls (One Rapnuzel, other a victim)
    • Need: dress, wigs, scalps

    Room 4: Entrance to Oz
    • Hunchkin land where the deformed live
    • Dialog:
    o Guide: “We are in hunchkin land now, but where to now?” Looks around confused.
    o Hunchkin or guide: “Follow the Blood Slicked Road”
    o Hunchins or guide sings:
     You’re off to get dismembered
     In the evil land of Oz.
     It is it is it is it is the evilest land there is
    • Cast: 0+ Hunchkinds (deformed people, any monster costume just hunched over)

    Room 5: Blood Slicked Road (walkway behind shed (fog))
    • Dialog
    o “We are headed into the land of Oz. did you know that Oz is the root of the Latin word for murder?”
    o Other guide can burst out when door is opened: “Follow the Blood slicked road!”
    • Cast: 0

    Room 6: Wizard of Oz the Tin Man
    • Dorothy in drop table with Tin Man with black heart cutting up Dorothy. Toto is already cut in half on the ground
    • Dialog:
    o Dorothy cries out: “Why tin man Why? Poor Toto!”
    o Tinman sings
     I do like to murder
     Cutting them even further
     I love the taste of spleens
     If you ever wonder
     Why her body’s cut asunder
     A heart don’t belong to me
    • Cast: 1 girl (Dorthy cut in half), 1 guy (tin man with axe)
    • Need: Dorothy and Tin Man costumes

    Room 7: Wizard of Oz the Witch/Wizard is dead
    • The Witch or Wizard of Oz is in the tree gutted
    • Dialog:
    o “Ding Dong the witch is dead, no wait it’s the Wizard of Oz. Oh how wonderful. Or is he dead get a little closer and see.”
    • A person dressed as: a scare crow, witch, or clown sneaks up behind the group with a stuffed crow. Sticks it next to someones head and screeches. Then mumbles “A Scare Crow.” Cackles and fades back
    • Then the person in the tree comes to life and jumps down
    • Cast: 1 guy/girl (with scaring Crow) Optional 1 guy in tree that will jump down after ‘scare crow’
    • Need: crow

    Room 8: Snow White and the Seven Zombies
    • Snow white is on the stage then after she warns of the zombies coming at any time.
    • Dialog:
    o Snow White: “Oh no, oh no, They’ll kill me don’t you know.”
    • Then zombies bust out of different hiding spots and jump on snow white
    • Cast: 1 girl (snow white), 1+ zombies
    • Need: Snow White Costume

    Room 9: Double Jacks
    • Pile of burnt bodies with fog for smoke effect
    • Dialog:
    o Guide: “Oh there are so many Jacks in fairy tales.”
    o Guide: “Jack be Nimble Jack was not quick. Jack got burnt upon the stick”
    o Guide: “Little Jack Horner crouched in a corner waited for you to walk in. With a quick thrust of his knife he’ll end you life. We’ll notify your next of kin.”
    • Someone hiding in dark corner rushes out with a shiny knife.
    • Cast: 0+ (could be guide when pressed)

    Room 10: Jack and his pail of water
    • There is a container of water in a ‘well’ then some sort of sight blocker for Jack to walk behind and switch out buckets.
    • Dialog
    o Jack: “Jack and Jill went up the Hill to fetch a pail of water…” Gets water and starts walking
    o Guide: “Wait where is Jill anybody seen Jill.” This is used to distract the people while the bucket is changed.
    o Jack: “Jack fell down and broke his crown and Jill came tumbling after.” Does throwing motion with empty pail.
    • Cast: 1+ Jack and possibly Jill

    Room 11: Jack in the Box
    • The Guide “That’s a lot of Jacks! Oh maybe there is another in this box!
    • Guide hums, whistles or sings jack in the box song then opens the box to reveal a dead Jack. “Jack is already dead. Oh and now for you!” On ‘you’ a clown with a chainsaw pops out of box chases the people out. He could scream “Lumber Jack!”
    • Cast: 1 guy (clown in box), Can have other clowns in room

    Room 12: The Exit
    • Guy on stilts with strobe light walks toward them. Giant from Jack and the Bean Stalk.

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    You just ruined my childhood in an AMAZING way

    That sounds like it would be a great haunt. For an extra shock scare in the Jack & Jill Room, you could fill the bucket that he is using to "throw" water with blue/silver confetti. That would probably make them jump more than an empty bucket.
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