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Falling dust or wall dust QUESTION

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  • Falling dust or wall dust QUESTION

    Here is one of those ideas that might be on the over-kill side. Most haunted houses have actors hitting the sides of walls to get that extra scare when needed. I did the very same thing at the Hex House when I accidentally took in a stray nail to the fist. Yeah, ouch. But that sprang this idea that found its way into my black book of ideas. If you have a wall that looks like an attic of side of a house (picture rough aged cedar boards), when an actor pounds the back side, dust should fly out simulating something very large is trying to get through. The same thing could used for drop ceiling or wooden ceilings. If something above moves the dust idea would be great.

    Now, unfortunately, this is an idea. I have no idea how to get this to work right without shooting stuff into people's eyes. I tried using talcum powder (baby powder) but that won't work gets into the eyes and leaves a huge mess. Does anyone know how to simulate dust to fall that won't hurt the eyes of anyone? Also, eventually this will need to be repeated over and over, so that makes this a nice sized challenge.


    ~The Imagineer~

    Andrew de Ruiter

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    controlled fog